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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by zippy_07, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. during a normal week for an infantry soldier i.e not on operations what is there 8-5 job when at there battalion base apart from being on excercise whats there weekly duties cant find any topics on this or in any of the booklets ive been given...

    probally a stupid question but cheers anyway...
  2. stag on. march all day P.T. weapon cleaning kit checks all that type of stuff.
  3. get on the bus get off the bus
  4. stag on?
  5. areas
  6. msr

    msr LE


    9-10.30 [1]
    NAAFI break / Tea and Toast
    1300-1430 [2]
    NAAFI break [2]
    1500-15.30 [2]

    [1] does not apply Monday
    [2] does not apply Wed or Fri
  7. hurry up and wait!.
  8. barrack guard
  9. Shower, w4nk, sh1t, w4nk, shave and a quick w4nk. put best trapping kit on. Go down pub and impress ladies with tall tales and dancing ability ... OH, you mean AM!
  10. phys...naffi break...maintain vehicles or equipment...scoff...lay on bed...admin/ some crap...scoff...times ur own
  11. so u do have time to beat one out good to know...
  12. The Army is an equal opportunaties employer young man. You beat one out ... you'll have to beat them all out!
  13. right-o ......... :?
  14. Life is varied and infantry roles are varied. One of the great things about the Army is that there is so much variety there isn't really time to get into a set routine. Also, each company/platoon will have a different way of doing things.

    However, in a light role infantry battalion and in the few weeks that I wasn't preparing for, or on, excericise/operations/courses/adventure training/leave etc, my day was something like this:

    7am, wake up, shower. If you live in a block, usually spend a quick 15 minutes making sure the block jobs are done (bins emptied, floor swept).

    8am. Morning company parade, roll call taken and a brief on that days activities from the CSM. OC might have a few announcements too etc.

    0900-1000 - PT

    1000-1100. Break/admin

    1100-1200. Training.

    1200-1300. Lunch

    1300 afternoon roll call

    1300-1500. Training.

    1500-1530. Break

    1530-1630. Training.

    1630-1730. Spare hour. In my platoon, we tried to work hard in the day and get an early finish!

    Training was usually either section level or platoon level and mainly focused on keeping our low level infantry skills sharp and up to date but could involve almost anything. My platoon training programmes would have platoon ambush drills on the local training area on one day and then a trip to a go-kart track on another day - work hard play hard etc.

    We worked very hard on excercise and operations so we tried to compensate a little when in camp so the pace of a working day was never too harsh. And wed afternoon were always a game of footy and a 3pm finish (when I could get away with it!).
  15. I would point out that 'training' did occassionaly involve an x-box and a copy of rainbow warrior...

    And half the platoon would be missing because they were making tea for the CSM or doing 'jobs' for the CQMS.

    Also, if Armoured, replace 'training' with 'vehicle maintenance'..