Infantry Soldier, parachute regiment ?

Hello all, im 17, intersted in the Paras.

Anyone here an ex, or currently training for them?
I have my AFCO meeting on 22nd June (as if you care)
but any tips would be great.

whats the training like? is it very psychical? does it demand allot from someone?

Please any info would be great, cheers.
Simple put yes hard training.
From my own research (the info is out there if you look) :

2 day courses :

i realise it says royal signals in the link and such but as far as i know everyone is thrown intogether at the RSC...i have found that the info on the standards required to pass these varies from person to person (IE, what one person says probably isnt right, best bet is to ask at your AFCO and go with that)

para training:

Recruits for the Parachute Regiment undertake 2 additional training modules whilst at ITC. The first is the 2 week Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) package, which consists of a series of 8 physical tests, including speed and load carrying marches. This takes place in weeks 18 and 19 of Para CIC and must be passed before a recruit can progress further. It is designed to confirm a recruit's suitability for service with the Parachute Regiment.

Finally, after completing the Para CIC at Catterick, recruits undertake a 4 week Basic Parachute Course (BPC) at RAF Brize Norton, near Oxford, in order to qualify as trained parachutists. Successful Para recruits move directly from Brize Norton to join their battalions. The total length of CIC (Para) is thus 26 weeks.
most of this stuff from simply browsing the MOD website:

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