Infantry Sniper Training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Carry1993, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Heyy guys sorry if i have placed this in the wrong area or there is already an existing thread, but i am currently in the application process and scored a reasonable score of 57/60 on the B.A.R.B and am very interested in applying for a job as an Infantry Sniper, and would just like to know what extra training that involves, i have tried to do some reasearch but all i find is the yanks :/ any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  3. 60 is the highest score?
  4. After 3 years in a rifle company they may consider you for the task. Join the Q of all the others who join to be a sniper. You need to be an excellent infantryman first.
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  6. thanks offog, and yeahh my test was out of 60
  7. Its not out of 60 because I got 79. Its just that the jobs range from 26-60 points.
  8. Minimum rank Private. Must be Class 1 Soldier, ideally with minimum 2 years service in the Battalion, must be capable of passing the ACMT as a Combat Infantry Marksman with the SA80 A2 in accordance with the Army Operational Shooting Policy, Vol 1, Personal Weapons.
  9. Well i know guys who have gone on the course right after basic, but the guy also got promoted in basic too... so depends if youre good enough?
    Ask, they'll say yes or no. Then again, this guy can shoot a penny at 100yards with a .177 air rifle..
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