Infantry Sailing

Fellas - it's been too long since the Inf got together on the water. Considering the talent out there, we should be strong contenders in quite a few events but never enter on the basis that:

a. we're too busy, or more likely,
b. we can't be arrsed.

It's about a month until the Lagos Trophy (a good start point) and I'm pretty intent on getting a team together. Can anyone out there who knows anyone in the Inf that can sail please PM me with either his appointment (understandable if you have sy doubts) and/or names and contacts in order that I can do some digging and get a squad of at least 6 in to boats.

Problem a. will be countered with appropriate begging letters (it's only 2 days). Problem b. is just a bit sad.

Fly Navy, Sail Army.


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