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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Morty, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. How do, I eventually want to join RA as a Special Observer but have been advised to get experience in another role before doing this. I think the Infantry sound right for me but i'm confused as to the roles they perform. If I joined as an Armoured Assault soldier, would that be the job I do for my whole Infantry career? Or do they change roles? Eg could I find myself doing Armoured Assault one year, then my regt changing to Light Role? How often do they change? Do you HAVE to join your local regt? Cheers chaps.
  2. Also, can anyone tell me anyhting about recce roles within the infantry. I was told there was a job called Forward Observer or something like that within the infantry?
  3. Join the RA and do other RA things first = Experience in another role = Sorted.
  4. Part of FIS is to allow soldiers to change what exactly they do. For instance with The Rifles, You may join 5 RIFLES in the armored role, but after a couple of tours, you may decide you want to do something different, so you change to 1 RIFLES in the commando role.

    As far as I know you don't HAVE to join your local regiment, but (again) with FIS, unless you want to do Air Assult or Commando, your "local" regiment should provide you with the choice of Light or Mech/Armd.
  5. Just remember if you join a regiment with certain recruiting areas you will be working with this type and may feel an outcast.
  6. Once you are in it is easier to move around.
    Infantry units fall into 4 main areas based on basically delivery method for want of a better explanation

    Air Assault (Helicopter or C130)
    Mechanised (Saxon - to be replaced with AFV432)
    Armoured (Warrior)
    Light Role (TCV Bedford or DAF, on foot or by London bus) :) but they do have a rather sexy muntain role I believe!

    You will find the same and in some cases vastly different roles in each. As you can see each has a specialisation. Each infantry Bn has an association to one of these roles. Currently they rotate over many years through most. Hwever as has been said with the Intro of FIS (Future Infantry Structure) the idea is for the units and regiments to reman in role and for the soldiers within to be able to move around between roles. This is seen to maintain the relevent expertise in each role but allow soldiers flexibility in different roles if they wish. As yet its a theory un tried and tested in practice.

    Hope this helps

  7. Of course when you join you'll find many battalions have a recce/patrols platoon and their jobs are obviously recconaisance i can only speak for para regt recce platoons who work in 4 man teams and are square parachute trained on top of low level parachuting they operate a variety of kit and sometimes are forward air controllers bringing air support etc
    But there is a job that comes close to an artillerey forward observer and that is MFC (mortar fire controler) my friend was one of these they basically go up front of the attack wiith the rifle company bods and watch the mortar rounds land and call in any corrections etc i think you'll love this if you're looking to join infantry and would like to dosomething close forward observation!!!!!!
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    with this whole individuals moving between bn's and roles, does that mean some bn's will stay in places like Cyprus for years? and can you only move within regiments? For example, someone in 3 Scots cannot transfer to 1 Rifles?
  9. The WFR are based in the light role at the moment, even though they are in london doing ghey public duties, during my recruitment process i havent been told about the different sort of things required at all so....
    By the by do you know if your trained in all the roles during the CIC? Or just the one your regiment is currently based in? Or none?
  10. First point as pointed out earlier “different roles within RA” not the army. If you join an infantry regiment you stay inf, some have changed, tens only in many thousands. As for support roles within inf Bn they normally go to more experienced soldiers. Recce does not want some snotty ex cadet red arse who thinks they know it all. They need steady competent soldiers who know what they are doing and do not need looking after. The same applies to mortars and AT. Mortar fire controllers (MFC) should be Sgt with a Cpl as an assistant. So you are not going to walk into that job the week after leaving training.

    Your basic training is just that, basic. You will then get on the job training in the role of your Bn when you join them. You will have the rudiments of infantry work. but in your Bn you will practise with more experienced soldiers and hopefully learn.
  11. How dare you! I'm white and blue through and through! See avatar left.

    Cheers for the info though! Thats cleared things up a bit.
  12. If I was you I'd go straight into the RA and work your way to what you want there. Problem with joining the infantry is that you will more than likely have to spend a couple of years in a rifle company before you will be allowed to join any of the gucci platoons, i.e mortars.

    2 scenarios if you do go to the infantry~
    One you get p!ssed because your not learning or doing what you want to do, or two you find yourself stuck somewhere you're not happy because you can't get a transfer as quickly as you want.
  13. You asking about officer or enlisted?
  14. You could try joining the Royal Regiment of Scotland, which would allow you to choose and move between batallion in the light role (1,2,3) the armoured role (4th Bn) or the air assault role (5t Bn). You also get a chick-pulling kilt.
  15. If it's RA you want try the Gunners forum. But in the meantime why not join the RA, after two years transfer to 29 Cdo Regt and then go on to 148 NGS (Naval Gunfire Support) Bty - you can't get more specialised in the OP role than that!