Infantry right for me?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ibumchavs, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Good morning chaps, thought i'd post a couple of questions on here and see if you more experienced infantrymen could help me out.
    I'm absolutely set on joining the army and originally wanted to join RE but due to having shite GCSE grades would not be able to do any of the decent trade choices.

    Now i could go and do resits but this would take a year and i'm also currently unemployed and as there is no bloody work down here on the isle of wight at the moment i think the prospect of maybe being unemployed for up to a year would drive me insane. So researching other options i've lately been tempted by the dark side that is the infantry.

    I'm drawn to the aspect of infantry being pure soldiering etc i think i'd be suited well to it but have a few little reservations.

    Once through training if not on tour what's the day to day routine like?
    Is there an increased frequency of tours?
    Now this question is undoubtedly going to make me sound quite the vagina but my parents are a bit cautious of me joining the infantry due to the nature of front line fighting, as silly a question as this may seem what exactly is the level of danger whilst on tour compared to other areas of the army?

    Thanks for any wisdom that you can impart. And if it's any help i'd be joining 2 PWRR.
  3. Thanks very muchly for the reply mate much appreciated think i'm pretty set on joining the infantry now just need to work on my fitness a little over the summer. If anyone else has anything else to say i'd welcome any advice/opinions. Cheers again.
  4. It's the best job in the world.

    The noble art of being there to snot the enemy is bound to give even the most left-wing fairy a boner that a dog couldn't chew through and to be a British infanteer puts you in the highest and proudest echelons of mankind.

    Go and have some experiences as an infanteer that very few men will ever have and get some stories that you can bore the arse of your grandkids with, but that will always make you smile. It'll pish you off sometimes but you'll be a better bloke all round for it.

    I'm just pished off that I spent 21 years as an RAOC baker and never joined the Inf; I regret that now.

    The only drawback is leaving with piles and gout - ask Auld-Yin!!
  5. Thanks pal, after these responses and reading through alot of the infantry threads on here i've decided to just fecking go for it, i really want to get out there and experience life that i can't on the isle of wight.

    Just need to get out and start busting my arse to get my fitness up there.
    Cheers. Josh.
  6. Good luck you lucky fecker - wish I was 18 all over again and heading down the path that you're about to tread.

    You'll have some cracking times and some shoite ones, but I've forgotten the crap ones and I smile about the good ones!!!
  7. Check your PM's.
  8. If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly.

    The rest of the Army is fine, but the very pointiest end is the Infantry. The bad days are bad, but the good days are the best in the world.

    You'll meet the best men you could ever hope to meet, laugh 'till you swamp yourself, have proper bloke adventures the world over and once you've done the core business you will be prouder than anyone else could be.

    I've been p*ssed the world over, I run 'till I've puked, I've tabbed for hours after I thought I would drop, I've cried with laughter at the funniest things a human could see or hear, I've fought the Queen's enemys.

    God I wish I was young and starting again.
  9. Thanks a huge amout for the insights guys pretty much just what i needed to hear, gnnget my backside downthe ACIO monday and have a chat, really ed to get my fitness up before i've got th bollocks to apply though.

    As homo as it may sound one of the main draws towards army life for me amongst other things is the sheer calibre of the blokes i know and blokes i've talked to i'm already pretty familiar with the squaddie sense of humour and view on life so i feel i'd fit in pretty well.

    Bit of a soppy question but does personal confidence develop a fair amount during training? I've always been a bit on the quiet/shy side unless i've got a belly full of ale lol.
  10. Don't worry about it - crack on with it, give your best and you'll be fine.
  11. Like the others say. you are the luckiest barstard in the world because you have it all in front of you, and we grey-hairs have it all behind and wish we were back at it.
    Get fit, go for it and when you are up to your eyes in shite you will probably curse each and every one of us, but afterwards in the bar you will understand us.
    Good luck lad, come home safely through the bad bits.
    Join the finest men in the world.
  12. Thanks for the kind words mate really can't wait to get started now, sincerely looking forward to joining the ranks of, in my opinion, the best blokes and women in the world and as cheesy as it sounds for once in my life doing something to make my family proud. Cheers for all the encouragement and sensible advice.
  13. Don't forget to keep us posted of how it goes mate.
  14. Will do mate, i'm sure i'll have plenty more questions to annoy you all with on the road to phase 1 :)