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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cardinal, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. The old county infantry regiments used to have a regimental depot in their home county. Many were of architectural and historical interest and I am doing some research towards a book on them.

    Can anyone tell me the name's of their old local infantry regiment the barracks/depots, locations and if they are still standing (at least in part) or even still in use.

    The ones information on thus far:
    The Royal Berkshire Regt, Brock Bks, Reading
    Devonshire Regiment, Wyvern Bks, Exeter
    Dorset Regiment, Poundbury Bks, Dorchester
    Duke of Cornwall's LI, Victoria Bks, Bodmin
    Somerset LI, Jellalabad Bks, Taunton
    East Surrey Regt, The Barracks, Kingston Upon Thames
    The Queens Royal Regt (West Surrey) Stroughton Bks, Guilford
    The Sussex Regiment, Roussillon Bks, Chichester
    The Wiltshire Regiment, Le Marchant Bks, Devizes

    I know its not current infantry but its part of your history so I am hoping many of you will know. Many thanks for this.

  2. The South Staffordshire Regiment and The North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales') were both at Whittington Barracks , Lichfield.
  3. The South Wales Borderers (24th of Foot)
    The Barracks Brecon, Now HQ 160 (Wales) Bde

    The Welch (41st of Foot)
    Maindy Barracks Cardiff, Now HQ Cardiff Station.
  4. Mill Hill was Depot the Middlesex Regiment. now HQ P&C and BFPO. Shortly to move there are still memorials to members of the Middlesex Regt and RE P&C killed by the IRA when it was bombed.

    Canterbury - Howe Bks was Depot to the Buffs and a cavalry depot back in the 19th Century.

    Invicta Bks in Maidstone was Depot the Royal West Kents - now used by 36 Engr Regt
  5. Gallowgate Barracks in Richmond, North Yorkshire, was the depot of the Green Howards (19th Foot). The barracks were converted into luxury flats and are now known as 'The Garden Village'
  6. Glencorse Barracks, Milton Bridge, Midlothian was the Depot of the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), now home to 2 SCOTS.

    The Barracks Berwick On Tweed. Depot The King's Own Scottish Borderers
    (still their HHQ - though for how long is anyones guess!).

    Cameron Barracks Inverness. Depot the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.

    Fort George Ardersier. Depot The Seaforth Highlanders (still home to an infantry Bn).

    Stirling Castle. Depot The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (continues as their HHQ).

    Queens Barracks Perth. Depot The Black Watch (demolished).

    Winston Barracks Lanark. Depot The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) (derelict).

    Maryhill Barracks Glasgow. Depot Highland Light Infantry (demolished).

    Bridge of Don Barracks Aberdeen. Depot The Gordon Highlanders (believe it's facing demolition)

    Churchill Barracks Ayr. Depot Royal Scots Fusiliers (demolished).

    Scottish Regimental Depots ceased to exist in 1964 when recruits destined for Lowland regiments began training at The Lowland Brigade Depot at Glencorse Barracks and those for Highland regiments at The Highland Brigade Depot at Bridge of Don.

    In 1969 the Lowland and Highland Brigades amalgamated to form the Scottish Division, adult recruits of the Division were trained at The Scottish Division Depot (Glencorse) and Junior Infantrymen/Bandsmen/Pipers/Drummers at The Scottish Infantry Depot (Bridge of Don).

    Damn! To think that up to 1947 each of the aforementioned Scottish regiments (as well as having their own training depot) had two regular and (at least) two TA Bns (considerably more during the Boer War and WWs 1 and 2). making a total of FORTY Bns. Now reduced to 5 regular and 2 TA with no depots in Scotland!! Sad.
  7. Hell, in the late 1940s there was still a Scottish Para Brigade....

    And in the early 1990s, there were 7 regular battalions, with 6 battalions of TA infantry - I'm including 15 PARA(V) here - and half a Regiment of SAS. With nearly two battalions worth of HSF on top of that.
  8. Le Marchant Barracks in Devizes is, last time I went down 'Vizes way (non-Shire folk will not appreciate this reference to Wiltshire poetry :D), being sold off to some faceless developer. Which is a shame as, despite looking a lot like a prison, it's not short of character.
  9. The famous Peninsular Barracks in Winchester is now an apartment complex, but at least there are still 4 regimental museums there - RGJ, LI, Gurkha & 8th Husarrs
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    KSLI was at Copthorne Barracks Shrewsbury, became Depot LI then Junior Lt Div then just a TA and area HQ!
    Castle Barnard was home to the KOYLI? or was that Pontefract?
    I think the Royal Sussex had a depot in Brighton.
  11. Ugly. I think Brancepeth Castle was the DLI Depot and Pontefract KOYLI.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cheers for that, I also missed Chichester as the R Sussex!
  13. Devonshire and Dorset Regt
    Royal Hampshires.
    Duke of Edinburgh Royal Regt
    Gloucestershire Regt

    These four Units done their training at Wyvern at Exeter. All these made up The Prince of Wales Division.

  14. And prior to that they were the Wessex Brigade!