Infantry re-joiner

Hi all,

I left the Army, 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in October 2015 after 4.5 years service.

I had sustained a muscular injury in my back which I had battled with for just over a year prior to signing off after constantly plateuing and not being able to get back to full fitness.

Since I have left, I have fully recovered and now fitter than I ever was while in the Army so I am now looking to make a return. This coupled with the fact I absolutely hate life out on civvie street and constantly struggling with it.

From what I understand, 2PWRR is now specialised infantry and majority of bods have been moved on to 1st battalion and other infantry regiments. A potential one for me could be the Royal Anglian Regiment but what I'm mainly looking for is people in a similar or who have been in a similar position. Left the Army for whatever reason and returned.

1) What is the process when re-joining the Infantry
2) Did anyone re-join and go to a different unit/regiment as to what they were in first time round
3) Any current updates on overall affairs as I'm sure a lot has changed in the 3 years I have been out!

Thank you!!