Infantry Questions!?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Modi, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Ok i see this popping up (people asking for questions to infantry) alot but i cant find the answere to the question's i have, So if any 1 can shed some light it would be great.

    I am thinking of joining Infantry more specifically 2PWRR as my Dad served in it for 14 odd years and there in lies the problem he is biased towards infantry. And makes out they are the best thing since sliced bread!

    I was wondering can i specialise in 2PWRR i.e. Signals, Mech, Armor etc? as the rest of my family feel i wont be challenged enough in infantry (mentally) and its a waste of my skills, as i have alot of IT background.
    And i read some were on here that you can train in some thing like signals but be badged infantry and do the same stuff just on the side do IT type stuff?

    Or would i just be better of doing some thing like R sigs SE Comms systems Op? or the likes of that line of work!?

    So any insight into specific stuff like the type of different training you can get courses etc and weather i can do Signals type stuff but be in infantry were i feel i wanna be!

    Cheers for any info!
  2. Signals in the infantry is increasingly provided by embedded scaleys from the Royal Signals; you could join the R. Sigs and expect to still be very close to the action. Plus signallers are always in a good position on exercise as you know exactly what is happening without having the hassle of being in charge.

    2PWRR is Light Role; if you wanted to become an armoured infantryman you'd have to pick another bn.

    My advice is to get on some Look at Life courses; see what you enjoy. Not sure what you mean by IT background, but if you've got some A-levels and a bit of intelligence then think about Officer entry.
  3. Just join the Signls Platoon in the PWRR once you've bedded in in a rifle coy.
  4. Infantry signals is good, though i preffered the Plt Sig job running around with the Company Commander rather than sitting in Bastion with the remfs.

    It's a good job, but depending on the battalion will depend how long you have to do in a rifle company before being able to cross post to the sigs plt. But you wont spend alot of your time geekign it up, in camp there will be lots of serial number checks and the like.
  5. "Just join the Signls Platoon in the PWRR once you've bedded in in a rifle coy."

    So there is a signals in PWRR? specially 2PWRR? so there is a chance i can join infantry and 2PWRR and still do a bit of signals on the side etc?

    1. How would i go about this?
    2. Whats it actually like day to day jobs life etc?

    Need more INPUT!

  6. like most jobs in the army, doing as little as you can get away with

  7. awesome! :S Sounds fun to me.....
  8. 1PWRR if you want Armoured...
  9. which i dont :) but ty!

    I want infantry but i want a bit of mental challenge on the side i.e. bit of signals i dont really want the whole life of a signals guy.
  10. Fair Play, but IMO 1PWRR is better :p

    Sigs should be easy enough - I've seen loads of Inf. w/ the X'd Flags
  11. You'll get to battalion and complete a CCC (Combat Communicators Cadre i think) which you need to do to get your class one. If you decided signals is what you want to do peak to your company signals detatchment. Let people know that you want to be a signaller, you'll start off as a plt signaller, then you'll go to Warminster for your RS (Regiment Signaller) course. After that though you might find your self in company tac stagging on with the company 2ic.
  12. The truth of the matter is that once posted to your Battalion and Company you will have to serve a period of time as a Rifleman. The is a period of time to adjust and settle in.

    The next stage will be working with Platoon and the Section, there will not be an automatic decision for you to become a signaller, there are so many trades to do within an Infantry Battalion, if it is signals that you want they join the Corp.

    The is Anti Tanks, Mortar Plt, Recce, MT, only but a few there is so much to learn, and once you have achived all the knowledge the next stage would be to proceed to NCO status and if you have shown the command that you have what it takes then your management career begins.

    Go to the careers office as the recruiting selection will show them your aptitude and they are well placed to say where your qualities could be best used.

    Hope the above helps, but I have to say PWRR are probably one of the best experienced infantry regiment and a cut above the rest.