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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stejones, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. stejones

    stejones Clanker


    I am wanting to join the infantry(Mercian/Duke of lancs, not sure yet) and hopefully in the future do the medic training. I have heard about the open uni courses that you can do in your spare time would these cover a medical degree for being a paramedic after the army?


    any comments/advice welcome

  2. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    G11 - Foundation Degree in Paramedic Sciences - Open University Qualification

    It looks very unlikely you'll be able to get a degree in Paramedical Science from the OU without already working as and Ambulance Technician. But you'd have know that if you'd bothered your arse to spend 10 minutes on Google
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  3. stejones

    stejones Clanker

    Thanks for both comments and I have been on the OU website i obviously didn't look well enough
  4. Tobers

    Tobers Old-Salt

    You could choose to do as many of the modules from the foundation degree as they'd let you (I presume) then do the rest when you leave the army.
  5. stejones

    stejones Clanker

    Thanks If i cannot do the paramedic course ill just do another trade (already got plumbing).

    Thanks for the replys

  6. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    If you have your heart set on being a Paramedic when you leave, the RAMC might have trades which could allow you to fulfill the clinic parts of the OU course, speak to your AFCO
  7. Good plumbers are on £100.000 per year. I wouldn't worry about the para medic bit if I were you. :)
  8. dave_88

    dave_88 Old-Salt

    Don't talk shit! I was a plumber before I joined up, and trust me if i was on less than half that I wouldn't of bothered.
  9. GGJ did say GOOD Plumbers
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  10. If you ask your RSM nicely he might give you 3 years off to do the competency training, blue light course etc.
  11. simroy

    simroy Old-Salt

    Sounds like you should be with the rest of those nappy wearing corps wallahs, not in the infantry (well maybe the Mercians) or possibly the Women's Auxiliary Balloon Corps?
  12. I'm not talking about fixing taps mate. Good CORGI and now Gas Safe registered plumbers are on mega money. If you are a plumber, you presumably know something about the stringent qualifications needed to do gas plumbing. That's why the good one's are earning more than people like chartered accountants.
  13. stejones

    stejones Clanker

    WTF are you going on about? I asked a perfectly decent question or are you the forums muppet?
  14. You say it like there's only one!

    But watch out, you could be one of them too. Especially when asking bone questions.
  15. simroy

    simroy Old-Salt

    "whats that noise I can hear? oh yes its mummy calling you in for your tea"