Infantry Qualifications

Hello i was just wondering as what qualification would best suit me towards the infantry take in mind that i go to a building college and i have already done a Diploma level 1 any ideas ?
I didnt think you needed any qualifications for the infantry, bearing in mind that there are some lads that cant read. I think if you are asking this question you probably have a mind for learning and you should look into trades that will give you lots of quals like the Engineers or the REME. What ever you decide don't let the careers office push you into the wrong trade.
The only "qualification" I would suggest would be the balls to "close with and kill the enemy".
Not really that many qualifications needed for the infantry, just basics I think. But it wouldn't hurt to be quite good at maths and English as you will need them all the time. Plus the ability to remember at least 300,000 different neumonics (sp?)!!!

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No quals required, the infantry are considered thick as mince (and that's being unkind to mince).
Thick as mince? I've never been so insulted, give us some praise at least. Perhaps as thick as a norwegian full of cookhouse custard?

Not an actual Norwegian, but one of the range stew variety!

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I don't think a completely thick infanteer would last very long; you need to be able to read bits of important information like, 'This Side Towards Enemy,' for example, and assimilate knowledge from a wide range of subjects. Saying that, nous is more important than a list of 'A' Grades but if you wish to progress you will be better placed if you can count to more than potato and write more than 'text-speak'. It goes without saying that fitness too is paramount.
Oah I know that you don't need any qualifications for infantry just wondering which ones would help in the long run ?
You're endlessly asking dog shit questions. How about joining up and commencing the journey.
got to wait till 18 because my mum neither dad will sign because they watched a documentary about a lad who got blown up.
So how will mummy and daddy feel when their 22 year old son gets blown up? You join up with the infantry you are literally putting yourself up as a target in todays Army. However if that is the route you wish to take then good luck! If you excel within the infantry then you will be supported throughout your career and will be stepping into civvy street 22 years later, if you do 22, with managerial capability! Hell I've known some guys to start at the bottom (private) and leave as a Major! Infantry is suited to people who are physically motivated, the thinking for yourself comes when you achieve a senior rank ie sgt and above! If this is not your idea of fun, and trust me it's not everyone's, then join one of the corps and become a fat tradesman! Lots of incoming from that one! Either way look at what you really want in life and weigh up the pros and cons of all careers within the Army.
Good luck in your future career!

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