Infantry pocket book - TAMs

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by westy_1981, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. hi all,

    just wondering if you can get waterproofed Infantry pocket book for your TAMs?

    why haven't they been printed on the waterproof paper?

    Please don't say fablon / laminate them - there's 50ish pages!!

    Cheers, Westy

    PS - CQMS provided paper version as standard
  2. You've got problems - mine are on disk.
  3. Mine were issued on waterproof paper?????
  4. I think you will find they are on waterproof paper. I think you will find they burn like Fcuk as well. (Compromise)
  5. There are two versions of TAM inserts. If you're expected to use them for real as part of your job, you should get the pukka plasticised pages. If you just need them for training, it's likely the CQMS will print onto plain paper from the CD. It keeps costs down.

    Coating the paper pages with a silicone spray may prolong their life in the rain, but won't help if they get very wet.
  6. There seems to be a shortage of proper TAM inserts. Hence people are being issued printouts from the Battlebox, which you need to cut to size yourself and locate a filofax type hole punch to get in.

    The upshot is, you can't fit AA TAM, Platoon Commanders inserts (or whatever) and the Infantry Pocketbook (plus the waterproof paper you get to save carrying a nyrex) in the same TAM folder if you have to fablon them.