Infantry Platoon Commanders Battle Course

Discussion in 'Officers' started by BigCheese, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. Hi guys!

    Does anyone know how long the platoon cmdrs battle course is at Warminster? (I think!)

    Cheers in advance guys

  2. Try DCI Army 01 - or get one of your clerks to do it.
  3. Not really looking for sarcasm, simply asking as I've been looking on the army website and I can't find it!

    But if anyone shows me a link to it, then I'll hold my hands up to looking hard enough.

    I've heard it was 3 months, though am not sure.
  4. Its about three months, and its a great course...150 odd good blokes from the best arm in the army learning all about dealing cold death to the Queen's enemies. Don't listen to any pumpers who describe it as the 4th term of RMAS...they are the weak.
  5. I agree, although it has now moved to Brecon. Some say that is good and others say it should have stayed at Warminster. Personally, I'll reserve judgement as I have input into both but we'll see! Still a good course though. All you yong fellas on it at the mo, unlucky, London is to far :twisted: but I would definitely be getting amongst it in Cardiff whenever possible :wink: The chicks there rock!
  6. It is 14 weeks long. If you are going to an AI unit expect a further 13 weeks. If you are not and want to develop your skills further after a bit of time in command find a gap in the unit programme and get your OC to send you to Brunei on the Jungle Leaders course. Just done it myself - you will not regret it.
  7. is brecon as arsey about non issue kit as RMAS? jetpacks knack my back and webbing isn't much better. will they let you use daysacks and vests/rigs or does bullshit prevail?
  8. No they shouldn't be "arssey" about kit, however, it will all depend on the DS involved and who the current Chief Instructor is.

    When I was in Warminster my course was even given a few prototypes from the Trials and Development unit to play with and break - if possible. They weren't bothered about what you used with the exception of webbing rather than chest rigs et al.

    For the record, as it used to really p**s me off, it's not the 4th Term at RMAS. The REMFs all used to say that - in my opinion - all DE Officers would benefit from doing it! In fact, I believe that's what the Germans used to do with their officers; i.e. train them as Infantry Platoon Commanders before they specialised.

    Why did it move from Warminster to Brecon - money I'm sure is a factor but at least you do the final ex in Keenya now as well as having Sennybridge on your doorstep. Lucky!!!

    PS, if webbing courses you back problems then I might suggest that:

    1 You're in the wrong job
    2 You should take the time to set it up correctly
  9. As someone has already posted if webbing and jetsacks hurt your back you're in the wrong job I fear.

    The reason that issue (PLCE) webbing & jetpacks are used on the ITC Wales courses is that as a commander (at all levels) you need to fully understand the capabilities of the equipment, and therefore the problems, if any that the soldeirs under your command have with it.

    There is also the fact that issue webbing and daysacks can be exchanged in the field by the CQMS, the 'shop bought' Arktis etc cannot.

    I suggest that if on PCBC your main worry is that 'bullshit' is making you wear issue equipment then you might want to think about your chosen vocation.


  10. im not in the wrong job! i just think jet packs are crap with no room in them. (and i have a weakness for gucci kit!)
    regarding the course, how is it? i've hears its pretty bloody good. any top tips?
  11. I think your'e missing Mr Rooper's point!!!

    And your passion for "Gucci" kit is something you'll grow out of! :D

    The course is excellent - well it was in Warminster. I believe moving it to Brecon can only make it better. In my opinion it is by far the best YOs' couse bar none.

    As far as top tips - enjoy it and learn as much as you can, if you want more then JWIC should satisfy your desire for more.

    Oh and Cardiff is an excellent night out.
  12. I'm looking for detailed information about the Infantry Platoon Commanders Battle Course. Ideally a copy of the syllabus, if that's possible.

    Please PM with any information.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  13. I think people might want to know why.

    If you have an official need to find out why don't you call the Chief Instructor?
  14. Yeah, because what the other arms really need is wildly enthusiastic YOs who're desperate to demonstrate how warry they are and now have a box of soldiers to play with, rather than getting on with what they're actually there for.

    Actually, serious point, if you have the luxury of training officers for 3+ years including spells with the troops, as the Danes and Germans do, then it's quite feasible, although I imagine the wastage rate would be fairly fierce unless you managed standards down - not everyone's cut out to be an infantry platoon commander.