Infantry Pay Band.

Hey I start at ITC Catterick on 24th Febuary 2008, When I was at the ADSC they mentioned that Infantry are in the upper bracket pay band as I remember, however my ACIO said it was lower.. shed some light? ...
i get £1040 a month, £180 taken off the rest is mine to spend, and i start week 20 on monday. What are you joining? You'll be on the intake after i pass out (feb 22)
i could be wrong but i think the toms/g men/pte/jocks etc are lower pay band while everyone else is higher band, like i said i could be wrong and im sure i will be corrected if i am!
Band changes on promotion to Corporal. You're classed as an Infantry Specialist then.

At least it did when I was in ... lol

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