Infantry Pay Band.

Hey I start at ITC Catterick on 24th Febuary 2008, When I was at the ADSC they mentioned that Infantry are in the upper bracket pay band as I remember, however my ACIO said it was lower.. shed some light? ...
i get £1040 a month, £180 taken off the rest is mine to spend, and i start week 20 on monday. What are you joining? You'll be on the intake after i pass out (feb 22)
i could be wrong but i think the toms/g men/pte/jocks etc are lower pay band while everyone else is higher band, like i said i could be wrong and im sure i will be corrected if i am!
Band changes on promotion to Corporal. You're classed as an Infantry Specialist then.

At least it did when I was in ... lol
I believe that on completion of phase 2, you go onto higher pay band.

Could be wrong, as not Inf.
Rfn and CSgjt's are on lower band the rest on higher band well at least it was last time i checked

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