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So guys, I have a question. If you were a part of a regular infantry regiment, such as PWRR, and you applied for parachute training, what would happen? I mean, would you continue to wear normal dress, would you add a set of wings to your jacket? would you wear a maroon beret with your regiments cap badge?

please excuse my ignorance and thanks in advance to any helpful answers.
Never mind, i've answered my own question.... and now look like an utter twat, ah well. time for team me thinks.
Don't worry mate, it still won't stop a bunch of bandwagon (oh so superior) bunch of throbbers coming together and flaming you ^~
16 Air Assault Brigade has a regular infantry battalion, and a Gurkha one attached to it. They usually send the guys from their recce platoon and some others to do P Company and get Para trained. They defo wear wings, and the maroon beret while their unit is in the airborne role.


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