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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by AndyMcNabWannabe, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. well i aksed dis qestion da ova day but all i got were abuse, so im aksing it agen but after iv dun a bit ov reserch.
    im not sure wever to join da infantry da sas or da paras. my corprol sed dat id be gud in da infantry or da paras but he sed u have to be selected to get in da sas. so i aksed my leeder person and dey sed dat u can go to a speshul place in hereford or sumink. lyk a secrit place and dey do all kindsa tests like interogation and shit. wot do i av to do to go in?
    i rekon dat id prefer da sas or da paras to infantry cos my bruv sed dat da inf r all dumb shits.
    fanks 4 all ur help guys! nd hopefulli i wnt get as much abuse as last tym!! lol!

    Well, I asked this question the other day, but all it got was abuse, so I'm asking it again, but after I've done a bit of research.
    I'm not sure whether to join the infantry, the SAS or the paras. My corporal said that I'd be good in the infantry or the paras but he said you have to be selected to get into the SAS. So i asked my OC and they said that you can go to a special place in Hereford or somewhere, like a secret place and they do all kinds of special test like interigation and shit. What do I have to do to get in? I reckon that I'd prefer the SAS or the paras to infantry because my brother said that the Infantry are all dumb shits.
    Thanks for all your help guys! And hopefully I won't get as much abuse as last time! Lol (which means laugh out loud for all you miserable fcuktards, i.e. I chuckle to myself)

    There? That better OFAH? That 'civil' enough for you? :roll:
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