Infantry or RE?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by wankstain, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Last year i went to my local careers office and had a chat etc but then saw an ad for a job as a prison officer in the newspaper and have been doing that for nearly 4 months now, i can't stand being stuck in that building with those whiny little scrotebags any longer so will be quitting after xmas.

    I've come to the conclusion i definitely want a career in the army but really undecided as to what i would want to do, i've got friends in the KRH (not interested in that) the RE (fairly interested but kinda cack handed and have zilch GCSE's due to being 'rebellious') and the PWRR (interested but not really any prospects upon eventually returning to civvy st.)

    Just looking for some general opinions from some guys that know what the bloomin 'eck they be talking about.
  2. just because your infantry doe'snt mean there are no prospects, id say youve got more
    RE tradesmen, not required when the construction industry is on its ass
  3. As I'm sure will be raised by some whiney scrote shortly, I'm not actually in the Army yet. But if you're looking long term beyond service and therefore looking to get a trade that translates directly to civvy street then the RE is a good choice. However, apparently after 5 years service you qualify for a resettlement course which is a way of gaining a trade for civvy street. So infantry could be a good choice if you want soldiering at the sharp end. Also, I have heard of guys with little or no qualifications gaining some during CIC at Catterick, for example Application of number. I'm not sure but with these new qualifications you may be able to transfer to another arm. All conjecture though as I'm not in the Army yet.
  4. The Infantry is a good option if you like hard work. You'll get alot of people on here going on about not getting anything when you leave etc.

    If you went Inf and then went on to specialize in something such as Signals (im an Infantry Signaler). You can get a lot of NVQs and the like, especially now BOWMAN is about there are a lot of various courses you can go on, and lots of different routes your career can take which could give some good Quals when leaving.

    Of course, if you're after a "proper" trade when leaving i would say you probably couldn't go wrong with the RE.
  5. For a start, a few weeks resettlement is hardly going to teach you 'a trade' to the standard that an employer is interested in. You'll have to put some effort in yourself starting a couple of years before you want to get out to be realistic in that area.

    Secondly, the Royal Engineers will prepare you for life after the Army much more than the infantry, but again, only if you are willing to put the work in yourself..... nothing's free.

    Thirdly, I'm not a 'whiney scrote' and if you are going to put that title on anyone who gives you advice, you are looking at a very short and interesting 'career' in the Army.
  6. The trick is to keep quiet and do as you are told mate. That's what I'm going to do anyway ;)
  7. In my heart of hearts i think i want to be an infantry soldier but i'm gonna keep gathering info during the xmas period, also are infantry soldiers likely to do more numerous tours of the middle east?

    Or is it pretty equal?
  8. I didn't mean any of you were scrotes! Apologies for the mistake lol
  9. Mmmmm. you are telling me that when I don't need to know and showing very little of taking your own advice. Well done.
  10. Again I'm not serving yet but a DVD we got at selection said infantry have to be ready to deploy on operations the moment they leave the training centre. Also there was a documentary about a soldier from the Grenadier Gurads, Jack Mizen. I believe he went on operational tours pretty much continuously ever since he joined the Army 5 years previously. Although he said the Army are supposed to give 18 months between operational tours, he's been on them since he joined with the odd break in between. That's what he said anyway.
  11. you haven't done a very good job so far have you...?

    Wrap it you gobby nig, until you're in, keep your advice to yourself as its f ucking worthless.
  12. Ha ha, gobby nig. I'll have to remember that one :D
  13. Oh didn't realise you weren't even in, no offence but i only really value advice from soldiers on this subject not civvies
  14. 3 tours in 5 years isn't that bad
  15. I would. It might save you a lot of grief.