Infantry or Enginneers

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by essex_finest, May 28, 2008.

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  1. Im 16 and im due to like pick my 3 jobs before selection, and i wish to join the infantry, but my mother wishes otherwise she thinks that i need a trade to come out with, but the infantry is something that i really have wanted to do my whole life, but my mother wnts me to join the engineers and wont sign the papers that allow me 2 join at 16 do you think i should join at 16 and just do the enginneers, or wait till im 18 and do something i really want 2 do?
  2. Do both. Join the RE. :)
  3. So your going to live 24 years off your career because of what your mum says??

    Join the infantry. I'm sure you mum knows nothing off infantry life.
  4. You can get the best of both worlds by becoming a Combat Engineer. If its not your cuppa then you can always transfer over to the infantry.

    You can also talk to your mother by informing her that Infantry qualifications now get NVQs that can be used in Civvy St. Take her to your local careers office and get the recruiter to explain things in person.
  5. Errrm - think that you've just answered your own question, tuppence. :eek:
  6. If you've wanted to be an Infantryman your whole life, become an Infantryman. Simple.

    Love from a Sapper!
  7. The engineers do have 9 sqn and 59 who are commando and para trained so you could get the best of both worlds.
    That said if you have always wanted to be infantry then do it or else you may just wind up wondering what if!!
    Good luck
  8. Do whats best for yourself mate. If you do what your mum says you will regret it later. If your doing what you want then its on your own head :) Join the infantry!
  9. My old man came with me to the ACIO when I was 16 and persuaded me to join as an Engineer or not at all.

    21 years later and I am still thanking him for it, best thing I ever did.
  10. Fact. If there was a section of Infantry with one Engineer of the same rank present, the Engineer would have to take charge. Have the best of both worlds, join the Engineers.
  11. Wah!
  12. I will give you benefit of doubt and not call you a thick by assuming you have been watching to many repeats of Zulu.
  13. join the infantry honestly mate. i always wanted to join the infantry but towards the end of our training when we had to choose our capbadge i chose one because all my mate from training were going there and i regreted it. i was felt bitter because of it for years
  14. TIP: Don't listen to your fecking parents about anything to do with joining the military.
  15. This 'TIP' should be made a sticky or something, brilliant stuff mate!

    Whatever you want to join your parents can always think of something that they will think will put you in increased danger, join the infantry and you are on the front line...join engineers and a bridge could fall on you, or join the signals and you could fall off a telegraph pole!
    Do what you want mate, and at the end of the day at 18 you can choose what you want and your parents will know you will resent them for stopping you joining and delaying your dream...
    Good luck mate, and if you do have to wait, getting in will be a whole lot sweeter!