infantry or discharge ??

Im in phase two atm at arborfield and have been told many thing. the latest is if i fail my aircraft course i will get two options infantry or discharge.. as everywhere is full :S is this true ??
Currently recruiting figures have gone through the roof (mainly due to the recession), and I believe there are now waiting lists for ATRs (and consequently phase 2 training establishments) so there may be some truth to it.

Simple answer - don't bloody fail!
Basically yes this is true. The Army has done very well at recruiting at the moment and the pipeline is primed to fill the majority of Phase 2 planned courses. This means that there are reduced opportunities to reallocate at Phase 2.

There are a couple of CEGs that are still accepting Phase 2 reallocations, including the infantry. If you do fail your course and can’t be found a reallocation CEG that you are willing to accept then discharge is the only other option.

Bottom line don’t fail your course.


if you go infantry, you will still be in, however later you can transfer to another CEG when slots are available, not nice but an option.

another option would be to work bloody harder and dont fail!

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