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infantry or combat engineer

i thought i had chosen which cap badge to go for (royal irish) but theres so many jobs that im now confuzed (job wise) and quite fancy a crack at combat engineer any combat engineers on that could maybe tell of what the jobs like?
you could actually try asking in the Sappers forum mate,that is before someone gets in here and takes the piss out of you violently :D
Got told the other day that all the Royal Engineer jobs have gone for this recruiting year. Was a right kick in the teeth. But from what my mates in the RE have said Combat Engineer is pretty fun
Why not have both?

Join the Infantry, get some years under your belt than try and join the Assault Pioneer Platoon in your Bn? They don't fulfill the broader roles that the Engineers do but they do bridging, dems and 'other' taskings.
Aye Iv considered that. Its currently top of my List so far. Followed by Tankie Crewman. 3rd slot is empty at the mo. Maybe booze will assist my decision hehe
lol cheers guys iv posted on sapper as well didnt realise there was one!

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