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hi guys, basically i would like to join one of these two units but i am totally undecided so could anyone give me any opinions of these two and also good points bad points of the jobs (if i was in the artillery i would like to be a light gun/as90 gunner, an op assistant or gunner special observer) i dont know which forum to put this in so i will put it in infantry and gunners so hopefully there is less bias. thanks

If you join Arty first and are trained up in a specialist role, you are unlikely to be able to transfer to Inf after that training (IMHO).

If you join Inf first, then you should be able to transfer to Arty fairly easily and your Inf background may be beneficial.

You really need to ask yourself what do you intend to get out of your service, how long do you want to serve for, what motivates you, what flicks your switch the most, what is your ultimate aim/goal, any family history/geographical links with certain areas/regiments, etc.

Stand-by for some real p1ss-taking now, over to you Arssers !
I may never march with the infantry, ride with the cavalry, shoot with artillary, I may never zoom over the enemy for I'm in the Lords Army. SALMON! :lol:

Five Mile Sniper - Artillery a Group activity

One Mile Sniper - Infantry much more Personal
thanks for the replies, i would like to be in the artillery as the provide artillery support and do infantry roles but would also like to be a fully trained combat infantryman and maybe oneday go to the RM or para's, and i would like to fire a mixture of guns as i want to get a lot of experiance in different fighting roles in my time in the armed forces. thanks parker
Without wanting to reopen the whole argument yet again, the RA do not do 'infantry' work, and your training, should you go to the dark-side, will be completely different to that undertaken at Catterick / PCD, whichever route you are going down. So too will your comrades / NCOs, as the Inf are of a completely different demeanour to the arty. Yes if you choose to join the RA you will doubtless undertake tours away from your guns in a role which is more often undertaken by the Inf, but this does not an Inf soldier you make!

As for wanting to goto RM / para, likewise, you will be commando / para qualified, but again you are unlikely to be either RM, or Para unless you transfer entirely. As a gunner you will remain an attached arm, and this is not the same, as I am sure Fall / the rest of the maroon machine will attest.

It depends entirely on what you want from your time in.
I spent time in the Parachute Regiment before commissioning and joining the Gunners (22RA then 4RA).

To dispel a few myths (by reinforcing some others :) ):

Gunners, whether in Northern Ireland, Cyprus or in various scrapes over the last couple of hundred years are not as good at being infantry as the infantry. They are as brave as the Infantry (or any other arm or service). They can still be capable of good infantry skills, and some Batteries are better at this than others (Cdo, Para, Special OPs for example). The reason for the difference is simple: Gunners need to spend most of their time on Gunnery and associated skills, Infantry spend their time training for their role.

There is a large amount of boredom in both, though the Gunners have the edge (i.e. more of it!) when it comes to painting things that stand still long enough.

Bullsh1t is about the same in both.

There is a difference in officers: Infantry and junior Arty officers (Capt and below) tend to be active and (dare I say it) reasonably dynamic and charismatic leaders. Something happens to 90% of Gunner officers when they become Majors: they become anally obsessive cnuts with no humour. The ones who don't change usually leave or become Generals.

Ignore what you hear about infantry being loaded full of mongs. All the units I have served in or supported on operations or exercise (3 Para, 4(V)Para, 2LI, Irish Guards, Gren Guards, 1RGJ, QRH, QRL) have as many mongs as a Gunner unit. They tend to remain as Tpr, Pte, Gnr, etc. All the NCOs tend to be of a very high standard across the board. Yes, there are exceptions, but there are also some real Einstiens out there with a couple of tapes on their arm. If you are bright, then you will progress.

Variety: Here the Gunners can claim the edge on paper: they have specialist Batteries that are volunteer only (Para, Cdo, etc). Wherever the Army is, at some stage so are the Gunners. However I would not worry about missing out on medals! Tony Blair looks keen to keep up the numbers. The Gunners are one of the largest Regiments in the Army: The Royal Regiment of Artillery has 1Cdo Regiment, 1 Para Regiment, 3 Air Defence Regiments, an STA Regiment and several Light Gun and AS90 Regiments. However, apart from volunteering to go Cdo or Para, changing between them is not easy or recommended.

The infantry used to be extremely close-knit. Hopefully that will survive the latest round of amalgamations. Where the Gunners are often pretty much the same (some exceptions), infantry battallions each have their own unique flavour.

It can be argued that promotion is quicker in the Gunners than in an infantry battallion, but that should not be the main reason why you join a particular part of the Army.

If you can, ask your ACIO to organise a couple of fam visits to various infantry and gunner units, then make up your mind.

Good luck
ok thanks, by the way how old do you have to be to go on one of those fam visits, i am 15 am i old enough and also do you know how old you have to be to join RM, im still undecided wether to go army or RM, if i went in the army i would probably go to AFC harrogate, is this a good route to go and also if i wanted to go RM i read about a military college in wales where they do army RM RN and RAF courses, do you think that going into the RM one would be a good route to the RM instead of just arriving at CTC. any replies welcome if you understood that. thanks.
When you were a kid playing cowboys and indians, or whatever, did you used to say 'bang' or 'pop'?

If 'bang', go infantry. If 'pop', join the Artillery or tanks.

California_Tanker said:
When you were a kid playing cowboys and indians, or whatever, did you used to say 'bang' or 'pop'?

If 'bang', go infantry. If 'pop', join the Artillery or tanks.
What noises did our slop jockeys make playing soldiers as kids then! :D

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