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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BouncyBear, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, after saying to the recruiter that I would love a trade, he said that only the infantry are recruiting at the moment.

    If I did decide to go for infantry, is it easy to swap to do a trade? How long would I have to wait before I could make that swap to start a trade?

    I think I would enjoy the infantry however, upon leaving the army would also love to take a trade with me.


  2. if you join the infantry i think you can transfer in week 22 of training, the reason i say this is because a lad in my platoon transfered to the REME.
  3. Not strictly true all trades are open to you however you may have a very long wait as most training spaces are full.

    To retrade is quite straight forward but why put all that work in to have to go and do your trade training all over again why not just go for what you want and wait out the time until you can get the job you want.

    Now you say you would enjoy Infantry?? If your after a trade when you come out why not just do the courses whilst your in, potentially you have 22 years to get the courses in before leaving!
  4. i think there are trades avalible in the infantry eg, driver, mechanic ..... but i dont thinks theres alot to choose from.
  5. mechanic?

    probably wr d&m if yr bn is ai

    if u want a trade join RE
  6. Your recruiter is talking bollocks, you can apply for anything you want but as has already been mentioned you could be in for a long wait, but even the Infantry at the moment is going to see you waiting until January at the earliest.

    REME has no vacancies, nor do RE, R Signals still have some as do some of the more basic trades in RLC.
  7. My recruiter said he reckons he could have me off before the end of the year, October/November even, because places at para depot are still reasonably well open. He even said they had places this August (this was last week). I'm hoping what he's sayings true. I've asked this question before Fivetodo so sorry for asking again but it's more of me wanting an update, Infantry are looking at a Jan 2010 wait, is my recruiter getting it wrong or are paras still ok?
  8. yeah apparently positions for the scots guards and the paras are the earliest start dates for the oct/nov period....
  9. I would consider any one saying you could transfer form Inf to a trade suspect. To say it cannot be done would be wrong but very unlikely. Why train you to be one thing then train you to be another. If your test said you are capable of doing a trade then go for that trade. If you want Inf then do that but you cannot chop and change. I have know some soldiers who have changed but most came from trades to Inf, one from RSigs one from cooks and some have gone to AAC.

    As for trades within Inf also take with a pinch of salt. I left with an HGV, H and was a fleet manager all of which I have not used since. The only skill that was worth learning was the ability to stand up in front of any one and talk shit and be believed. The infantry produce excellent teachers.
  10. You can always study in your own time for whatever trade you want to do???
  11. If you join the infantry you'll know doubt remain in the infantry (bitter) until you sign off at the earliest possible point. Be patient or find something else but don't join the inf unless its something you actually want to do as the novelty of stagging on and tabbing wears off after 15 seconds of either.
  12. OK thanks for all the advice lads!

    If I were to join the Scots Guards (being Scottish 'n all) does that mean that I'd only have other scots in my batallion/regiment? Part of the pull towards an army career for me is meeting loads of people from all over the UK wether it be England, Wales or Northern Ireland!
  13. Scots guards recruit in Northern England too.
  14. You'll meet loads of different nationalities in the Guards mate, same as most regiments, besides when you get posted to london you'll meet all nationalities.
  15. Does anyone know what the wait time looks like for the RAC, to be more specific FR at the moment?