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Discussion in 'Officers' started by sbeaver, Jun 18, 2004.

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  1. Dear all, as a new subscriber i was interested in all your opinions. I am currently 28 and a corporal in the TA, a combat support unit, been in about 14 months. i wanted to become an Officer in an infantry unit in London. Can anyone suggest weather i can still become an Officer at my age and also suggest a well attended unit in which i could join. I like the traditional pomp and splender of the army, i have looked at the HAC but you can't go straight in as an Officer.
    thanks in advanced.
  2. Kindly check spelling/punctuation, or report to Bernoulli in the large field...... :lol:
  3. None of the other TA units will be any different, you'll transfer accross as a Cpl or rank below that.
  4. The only TA infantry units in London are the London Regiment and 10 Coy 4 PARA. 10 Coy are based at White City. LONDONS are spread all over the capital and have six rifle companies and a HQ Coy (and five different cap badges). Both units are busy at the moment and have troops on Telic, the London Regiment with two over-strength companies mobilised. Have a look at their websites for more details.

    I would have thought that in both cases you would transfer across as a Cpl, then subject to OC's / Adj's interviews go forward to TCB. If you pass that, you'd be made up to Officer Cadet, then on to ULOTC for MTQ2 training, which is basically combat estimates etc. Following that, TA Sandhurst, then follow-on training for a year until your Commission is confirmed. I think that the guideline upper age limit for infantry officers at Sandhurst is 30.
  5. But it is only a guideline, and as such subject to the recommendation of your CO. I know one Lt who is 38 and went to RMAS at 36 to do his TACC.
  6. I would imagine he won't get sent to the OTC, instead he'd be cycled into the new officer training programme when that area begins it. OR travel to another area that's starting theirs. (as people have done on ours)
  7. He's also guilty of cross-posting.
    Look in the TA Forum.

    "Tell us who you're going to be tonight sbeaver."
    "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be a TA officer."