Infantry Officer Training?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bigring, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Iv done the search for what im looking for but im prepared for a slagging if it is actually mentioned before.

    Do Officer Cadets who wish to be an Officer in the Infantry just do the Commissioning Course at RMAS? Or do they afterwards go to Catterick and do the CIC? What would their training be?

    Im just wondering as im considering applying to join as an officer, but wish to go infantry.
  2. Not one to know much about it but i believe you go to RMAS then your Platoon Commanders course. In Sandhurst you do all your basic military training which also has more stuff added to it i believe...

    Another thing check the Armyjobs website!
  3. You do your phase 1 at RMAS there after you will go to infantry battle school brecon where you will undertake your platoon commanders battle course. this consists of a tactics phase both in senneybridge and in the jungle of belize for approx 3 months. After this you will remain at IWD in brecon and complete your LFTT training which is another 5 weeks.

    After this it is onto your unit of choice, if however you have decided to opt for para or similar unit you will then do P company, if you pass this its off to brize for BPC, another month, then you will join your unit thereafter. So to answer your question about catterick - that is for the joe's only.
  4. out of interest if your going for Para the Platoon Commanders Course longer or different to the regular infantry one?
    Like the CIC is longer for paras.
  5. You're not very good at reading- or punctuating- are you? Attention to detail, my boy.
  6. Hence he's going Inf coz he didn't go to a good enough school to go Cav!

  7. I would suggest spending more time sorting out your written English and less time wondering about what happens at Sandhurst and the immediate aftermath.

    All Army Officers do Sandhurst, every single one.

    Combat Infantrymans' Cse (CIC) is something that infantry soldiers do, not Officers.

    Platoon Comds Battle Cse (PCBC) is the same for ALL infantry officers regardless of capbadge.

    Parachute Regiment soldiers do the CIC which is the same length for all inf soldiers (less Guards who do more drill). Parachute Regiment guys simply go onto do P Coy afterwards.
  8. Glad you mentioned that. I am starting to despair of those who wish to be officers posting questions in chav speak. If they wish to be officers then they have undoubtedly got an English A or O Level. You can't pass that by writing in the way that they do on these forums, which makes me wonder how they were able to articulate a point correctly at school but can't on these forums.
  9. Apologies I completely missed the information in the post above mine - answered my question itself. Thanks.

    As for the grammar, im usually good with it and dont beleive I've used any text speak in the posts. But i will take on board the comments.

    Thanks guys.
  10. bigring I am ancient and decrepit but i did pass out at RMAS before you were born. And in my day believe was spelt as I just did. You - IMHO - have no chance of passing into RMAS at all. Never mind passing out.
  11. I'll admit you got me there. That was a mistake, 'believe,' as you said is the correct spelling.

    Obviously I am in no place to make any comments, you had already passed out of Sandhurst before I was born and rightly you are proud of that. You have probably had a long career as an officer, something at the moment I can only imagine.

    You don't think I'll even pass in to Sandhurst. At the moment I have no idea myself I am just trying to decide what career path to take. Should i pass in, I'll let you know. I'd like to hope I can prove you wrong.
  12. I don't know about proud son. I bluffed my way like everybody else. But you need to get on top of your written skills to have a better chance. Good luck anyway.
  13. :twisted:

    Best of luck 8)
  14. Unfortunately you can now pass GCSE English without being able to spell or punctuate. I can't imagine how it would be possible to fail any GCSE unless you spent every hour of the school year bunking off smoking and shoplifting :D. Even then if you had half a brain you could still pass.

    I think some people would be very shocked to learn how much GCSE's in particular have been 'dumbed down'.
  15. bigring,

    Glad that you have taken the observations in the way intended; they are not meant to be sneering. As has been pointed out written skills - although secondary to verbal skills - are still sought from young officers (as I am sure they are in wider walks of life). Anyway, good luck with your application and I am sure you will be fine.