Infantry; Misunderstood? ;)

Hi Guys,

Would love some input here.

I'm planning on joining up and If everything goes to plan I'll be winging my way to Catterick next month.

Now I'm starting to get urined off because whenever people hear I'm joining the Infantry I get comments like

'If you can spell your own name your wasted on the Infantry'

'Why join the Infantry? you'll be known as a plank'

'Isn't the Infantry for thick people'

and so on and so on!!!

Why is this? I have met quite a few infantrymen and they aren't stupid!

The reason I chose to join Infantry is because I see it as the purest form of soldiering and that is exactly what I wan't to be; A soldier!

I dont want to drive lorries or sit in a tent 40 miles behind the lines listening to radio transmissions, I want to be on the front line,

Can someone explain why this automatically means that you must be stupid?
If you can read and write you are a Sergeant.
If you can read OR write you are a corporal.
If you KNOW someone who can read and write you are a lance-corporal.

That and many many others will be your staple fare from the Green brethren who do not live in holes in the ground. Ignore the buggers and enjoy the soldiering doing what you want to, and you will get huge satisfaction knowing that they can't do what you do.

Intelligence and stupidity are shared out equally through the Army and are not the preserve of the Infantry. (With the possible exception of the Guards
Officers Mess).
Jimmy1880 said:

Thanks ;)

Maybe I was just being REALLY clever and seeing if anyone noticed.
No worries, Just remember everyone else in the army, regardless of what they say, are there because off, and to support you if you go infantry.

I never did join the army in the end. :twisted:
You will never meet a finer bunch of blokes on the planet:

1. You will get the piss taken out of you, but only by then anybody else watch out
2. The history and traditions of the Regiment you join is second to none in the eyes of everyone in that Regiment
3. The guys you will meet will be mates for life
4. And the stories you will be able to tell afterwards will be amazing

So enjoy every minute.
6952grumm said:
2. The history and traditions of the Regiment you join is second to none in the eyes of everyone in that Regiment
But be aware that the government likes to do russian roulette and cull a few Battalions now and again. All those traditions will be washed away by a bunch of bureaucratic fcukers. If pure soldiering is what you want to do then go for it. Just remember that you will leave one day, so don't spend the next 20 years in a bubble getting no quals under your belt, thinking the Army will look after when you leave. That's what differentiates smart soldiers from stupid ones. The stupid ones leave the Army after 22 years with no house, no career plan, aged 40-ish and with 20-odd years of working life ahead of them. Alternatively, work your bo11ocks off, get up to Late-Entry Major and get a reasonable pension. Result!

How did you know my plan? I'm an oldie anyway (26) but I plan on doing 22+ years and I plan on taking full advantage of the education grants.

Don't know if I'll get to major but I'll sweat blood trying!

Can't wait to be in. I'm hoping to join the PWRR I believe they still have a fair amount of tradition and that's what I'm looking for. Hopefully Broons cronies won't turn the rest of what left of the old regiments into a 1st UK infantry reg.
Whether you join the infantry , cavalry,artillery or one of the corps I think you'll find that with today's pattern of deployments you'll b edoing some real soldiering. Get used to having the urine extracted because once you're in it will be regardless of where or what you are, it's the army way. Good luck no matter where you end up you'll be in the best part of the army , as all your mates will tell you, or you'll be some sort of inferior being as every other cap badge will tell you. The important thing is you'll be part of the big team and enjoy it.But please don't start your career by being too much of a roughy toughy , mouth shut ears open that's the way to go and if you have thin skin leave it at home.
The most important thing to remember is that no matter what branch or trade, everyone in the British Army is a soldier first and foremost. My advice would be to join the infantry and learn how to soldier properly from the experts who do it day in, day out, not from someone who did it once a few years ago. If you think you'd be better off elsewhere when you get to battalion transfer - you'll always have that good basic standard of soldiering to take with you.
That is all!
From my own experience I think you'll find that whatever arm you choose to join some one will take the mickey, I think I'd be more worried if people DIDN'T it would mean they didn't care.

For myself I'd say infanteering is the purest expression of soldiering, and no doubt you'll be sneering at the dropshort boys, and the grunt cruncher, let alone "rob all my comrades" and slop jockeys, but you'll be glad they're there and that you can rely on them and vice versa, good luck in your career.
wet_blobby said:
Would of helped if you'd of spelt the thread title correctly..........

I can't spell either. :D
or indeed use the word have...

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