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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by coats_511, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi everyone, i have recently handed in my application for the parachute regiment. I have been in the forces before nameley, the royal navy, and then a transfer to the marines. My worry is that i have veryflat feet, although they are flexible, i do a lot of long distance running, (at least one day a week i will do 20 miles) with no pain. and i can do the 1.5 in about 8 mins. any constructive advice will be greatly appreceiated.
    Thanks a lot ;)
  2. You shouldn't have anything to worry about as you are an ex-marine and run 20 miles atleast once a week.

    Anyone else smell a WALT?
  3. And why did you leave the Marines may I ask??
  4. ok, ok im a civvi, and dont understand your slang....what does WALT mean?

    would somebody like to explain all the slang please :D

    sorry for stealing thread hehe
  5. a walt is someone who bigs it up about something they have never done, or claims to do something they havent, or says they have being in 49 para. Also walts are people who dress up in combat gear and pretend to be soldiers, but cadets are not counted as walts. A typical example is a person who i heard about(my freind told me) He went airsofting in full deserts, assualt vest and bb sa80, and was about to join the army, he is what the army would class as a walt. Walts also make good punchbags if hung on a hook from ceiling.

    I have being walty before but this site and soldiers have taught me not to be for my own sake.
  6. lol kinda remands me of these guys at paintballing, who dressed in full camo gear, bandanas the lot......funny thing is they were useless lol
  7. Yup, Those fat smelly nerds who think they are pure rambo hard just for going paintballing.

    There are different types of walts, Some that dress up every weekend as a roman warrior, WW1 germans, cowboys etc. Cannot be arrsed to explain any further but if anything, they need a feckin slap and to get a life.

    Your better off looking here, The Arrsepedia
  8. I Know someone who has quite recently left the marines, and apparently its not uncommon, their leaving presumably because they realise they can join the RAF, on double money do half the work they are currently and just for good measure alot of RAF bases are closer to home. i.e the closest isnt lympstone or whatever.

  9. Walt = Walter Mittey - go watch the film :D
  10. Fcuking hell, RN, RM and now the Paras?

    Do you want a NAAFI capbadge?
  11. Based on his previous posts, I think he means he signed on for the Navy, then switched to the Marines, and then quit in week 17 of training. If only he were more clear.