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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pidge, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. I noticed on the army jobs website that when in the infantry you can specialise as a medic but how do you go about doing so? Is it something you go for when in battalion? I have my start date for the ITC but would like to know a bit before i get there, apologies if this has already been covered but i couldnt find anything relevant when i had a quick look and when i asked my recruiter he just changed the subject.

    As always any replies are greatly aprreciated.
  2. What is your state date? What Regiment?
  3. Start this Sunday and im going into the guards.
  4. I will ask in work tommorow for you, there are a few Guards there, amongst other Infanteers that I am sure will shed some light on that for you. No doubt you will get an answer before I get home, but I'll try! I can say it will be something you take part in after you have arrived at your battalion, though.
    Wait out.
  5. Once you get to battalion, you'll have the opportunity to get yourself on courses such as the various medic courses. However, it may take a while to get on a course and there are no rock-solid guarantees you'll be given it in the first place. If it's something you really want, have you considered the RAMC instead of the Inf?
  6. Finish your training and get to your Bn. after a couple of years decide what you want to do. The job used to called RMA (Regimental Medical Assistant) but the stabbed serpent lot didn't like it and changed it to RCMT (Regimental Combat Medical Technician). By all means go for it and whilst at ITC there are some very good Guards RMA/RCMT's in the med centre who you will meet no doubt. ask them.
  7. Regt Combat Medical Technician does sound better than Regt Medical Assistant and it brings the name in line with the RAMCs CMTs.

    The CMTs in the RAMC used to be called Medical Assistants, but they cried a lot until the name was changed to make it sound more gucci.
  8. Thanks all for your advice, i did consider the RAMC and had it as second choice but for some reason i have always been drawn to the Guards, i completed a first aid course for work a couple of years back and was one of the few who found it interesting so the idea of stepping that up and learning more is definatly appealing.
  9. Forgot to ask is it possible to change capbadge from infantry to ramc while still in training? i cant imagine that the staff would be very happy but if infantry turns out not to be my thing then surely it would be for the best?
  10. Yep, while in training, its always a possiblity to tranfer to a different regiment, corp or even service... its even possible when in battalion.
  11. I knew I would be too late getting back to this! Ah well, at least you've hd your answer. As for the rebadging, it is the belief throughout that it is better to keep a soldier in the army rather than lose him/ her to civvy strasse, so you should have no problems if you feel you have made the wrong choice once you have started.
  12. But if you can go RMA/RCMT do that. The RAMC is not necceasarily all bandages and driving BFAs.
  13. RAMC CMT involves a lot of tentage and box painting!