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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PANGEA, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. To what extent is specialising as a medic, in an infantry regiment, comparable to being a full CMT in a medical regiment? I mean what are the limitations of being an infantry medic?
  2. Pretty much the same, most RCMT's will work from their med centre alongside CMT's. Although many find the day to day stuff pretty mundane. Most forget that 99% of the work is Primary Health Care rather than trauma, a lot of administration too.

    You will either love it or hate it, why not have a work placement with them see if you like it, most Med Centre's should be able to arrange an A&E placement for you so you get a bit of trauma experience.

    Med Regiments, stay away! Unless of course you like tents and painting boxes.

    Hope it helps.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    battalion medic rebadge ramc and you learn more and can get posted around to fill the holes elsewhere. MOs and trained nurses can be quite willing to teach you a lot more as it takes pressure off them when all they have to do is confirm.

    current ops have helped up the standards a lot so you do a bit more that just give out brufen and algipan.
  4. RCMTs are soon to be a thing of the past, all CMTs will be RAMC Badged, those RCMTs that exist were given the offer of re-badging or loosing the Qual.

    So to answer, you can't be an Infantry Medic anymore, you can be a Team Medic which is a qual that has to be renewed every so often and teaches you more in-depth trauma bits over the normal first aid standard taught to the Army (which is BCD).
  5. Thats a bit shit. So your saying I can't gain any kind of medic experience being in the infantry, apart from the basic first aid stuff?
  6. No, you can be a Team Medic. It's the hardest 4 hours training you would have done all morning.
  7. You could always join the RAMC if your so keen on being a medic, and ask for postings to Infantry Regiments. Just a thought like...

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  8. Correct, want to kill stuff - join the infantry. Want to put your fingers/fists/knees in peoples holes? Join the RAMC.
  9. Can you rephrase that please ~ fingers in holes indeed, we've had a bad enough rep over the years as it is!
  10. What he said.

    All our medics rebaged to the RAMC last year

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  11. Team Medic hasn't really been reduced to a 4 hour course, has it?
  12. Whether or not it was intended to be, that's how long we had!
  13. RCMT's and RMA's are now obsolete the RAMC have taken over all the old infantry medic (RCMT RMA) pids and they are now filled by RAMC CMT's. The good thing is the RAMC has now started to train its first batch of (civi qualified) Emergency Medical Techs and IIRC Foundation degree level paramedics who will then be registered with the HCPC.

    I transferred out of the infantry in 2005/6 when the jocks div amalgamated and joins the med corps since then I have qualified as a IHCD ambulance tech then a IHCD paramedic and have been registered with the HCPC since 2007 I have also gained a PG Cert with distinction in healthcare in austere environments. However keeping my reg up to date is hard work and we can be audited every two years, we also pay all our own registration fees and we are constantly passed over in favour of nurses for cse funding etc, that said our newish head of CEG has been through the ranks to Lt Col and has started to address these issues and he will hopefully make the changes that we require as professional paramedics! (In fairness to him he is the one driving the EMT and Paramedic courses so if this continues the corps in my view is heading in the right direction and not before time!). Hope this helps with some background info on the RAMC in its current state. Cheers.

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