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Infantry life and opportunities


Hello there. I have my initial interview with the army next Monday and I have royal anglians as one of my options.
I would be hoping to join 1st battalion (Vikings) which as now based in Woolwich. I was wondering is daily life mainly on camp? I've heard mixed responses that infantry are always out on exercises around the world, then I've heard they mostly stay in camp so I am unsure if I will be in the Uk for long lengths of time. Also I know infantry has no civvy qualifications, i would take courses once in the the forces so when I decide to leave I do have qualifications that will help me out. But could I train to be a combat medic in the infantry? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
I would write all your questions down and take them to your interview next monday. The nice people will give you all the information you need to make your mind up.
As an ex infanteer,(27 yrs), its a decent life, you won't get rich, you might/will get shot at, you might get some quals which will carry over to civvie street depending on your attitude and capabilities and promotional prospects, good luck, but bear in mind the recruiting staff will tell you what you want to hear, it's their job, I did it! Got loads to sign up, otherwise, JOIN A CORPS.


Disclaimer: Been out a few years now but..

It depends very much what the battalion is up to role wise. Assuming we don't get involved in Iraq again and Afghan continues going as it is it's probably going to be quiet for a while. Camp life is fairly cushy and if you're joining the Anglian, I'm assuming you're from that area then Woolwich means you can get home easily for the weekend.

Days of 9-5 in barracks (get up, block jobs, PT, random work, naafi break, lunch, more random work, knock off - sports afternoon wednesday) punctuated by the odd exercise. I doubt it'll be anywhere exotic due to budgets.

Quals-wise: get absolutely everything you can out the army for your entire career. Always be thinking about what you want to do when you get out, it'll creep up on you. Definitely get driving quals as a fall back and don't listen to the recruiters if they tell you something will be useful in civvi street, they're still in so don't know themselves.


I literally just noticed that. The dangers of multi-tasking.

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