Infantry junior Leaders Battallion-Shornecliffe-1984

Hello All,
This isn't really a forum topic, it's a request for information.
Are there any other old gits out there, who were in 20 Platoon, Penninsula Company, Prince of Wales Div, at Shornecliffe IJLB in 1984.
I'm trying to track down old photo's you may have, of whole troop, sections, or ones that i may be on.
Sadly, a recent fire wiped all mine out, and i'm trying to replace memories! Any takers???
Thanks in advance
type in ijlb in google ...whole website dedicated to all junior leaders may get some help there
Tried that thanks, no joy from the time in question though.
Intake before AND after, but not mine sadly.

But many thanks to you.


1984 you redarrsse, 1981 Corunna Company, 75 in the intake, 25 passed out!
cheers for the 'sprog' reference F'ugly!
Corunna co. 75 in /25 out.
seems like 50 of them 'saw the error of their ways' and 'Got a Life'!!!


No Fugly and Smugly were Jackets. If more people use the IJLB site then it will get better. I hope that the Shornecliffe section gets more traffic, thanks for Joining Crow!
i have a look on there a couple of times a week.... living in hope haha!
I found one though....... the real cheesy one with Noel Edmonds on, and i'm there in the background.
Sadly, all my old pictures got destroyed in a fire at my mothers a couple of years ago, and i'm trying to replace 'old memories'!
i know... i know... sad old 'has been'!


Sorry to hear about your loss. There used to be an IJLB magazine with such pics in. There also may still be the passing out squad photos available as I suspect the photographer would have been the same civvy from Cheriton or Sandgate.
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