Alright I want to join my local infantry regiment but I also want to do some intelligence, primarily HUMINT. Is it possible to do this in the infantry or is joining the Intelligence Corps the only option?


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It's pretty straightforward - if you want to close with and kill the enemy, it's the infantry. If you want to do int (note, not intel) work, then join the Int Corps.

There are possibilities downstream for more senior infantry types to do other things, but that would involve being a good infantry soldier and getting promoted a couple of times before those are an option.
Ok fair do's. (thanks about the Int note) I'm pretty adamant on still joining the infantry. Is it possible to transfer or re-train to the Intelligence Corps or is that a decision I have to make from go and stick with?
Oh right lol that would explain the look of confusion on my face right now then lol.

So how would that work then, how much re-training would be required and is there any restrictions i.e. how long you must spend in a regiment etc
Oh right cheers for that.

Just finally and then I'll shut up, realistically if I spoke to my superiors to transfer how long would the stall it/ how long would it take to process and all that side of it until I began re-training. Like 6 months? more? less?


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