Infantry infomation wanted

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Listy, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. I'm looking for infomation of paltoon and company formations, and their equipment from 1946 - 2020...

    It's for a Computer game, I'm not happy with the current desginers intrepratation of the UK army.

    The info I need is:
    Vision equipment, weapons and Raido's

    Orgnisation of Squad, paltoon and company level.

    I need info for Infantry, mechanised infantry, Para's, comando's and Guards units.

    Many thanks.
  2. Suggest the Army web site has info boards and pictures. You can also try for other photo's. Also
  3. Are the Guards equiped any different from the Infantry?? Just the same but 'smarter' I thought :roll:
  4. weather you are a PARA, or Guard, you are all equiped the same, it just depends on your role and your area of op's ie Jungle , Artic, Airborne, or armoured etc .
  5. Bad CO

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    You need a copy of the Staff Officers Handbook. Unfortunately I think it is Restricted so not available online.... Anyone in the military will be able to get hold of a copy though. Can I also recommend asking them to get you a dictionary at the same time.
  6. Thanks for the info so far.

    Ok so same equipment.

    What about TOE Stuff?

    An example of what I'm looking for:

    For a current Infantry paltoon, I belive It goes something like this:

    A troop consists of 1 comand group and 3 sectons.
    Each section has two SAW gunners, and Two LAWs.
    The comand group has the Troop leader, the Troop SGT and any other specailists like mortar, FALCON or UGL opperator's.

  7. Top tip: Don't Google 'paltoon'...
  8. And for earlier information, 'Staff Duties in the Field'

    'The Infantry Battalion in Battle' and 'The Infantry Platoon in Battle' might be useful too.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The KGB have really gone downhill since the fall of the Iron Curtain.
  10. The KGB are still a force, they have been following me for years..

    Now if we really want to make a realistic war game based on the British Army Infantry I suggest we build in:

    For armoured inf.

    The Fat dismounted Warrior driver trying to find his webbing - sound effect "fecking hell what about the A Jobs"

    The Dyslexic signaller who can't do BATCO - sound effect "I don't fecking know ask the Boss"

    The new Pl Comd trying to use his compass in the turret - sound effect "Driver Advance - oh hang on - oh feck - etc"

    For dismounted Inf

    The NIG - Massive bergan with, all the spare batteries and ancills, two mortar rounds, box of link, tripod and shovel - answers to the name of Sprog - sound effect "In basic training we - ooopmh"

    The Section Commander - Rubber band round bopttom of lid, smokes into the cup of his hand, thinking about doing selection - 12 mninute BFT. sound effect "get some rounds down you cnut!!!"

    We should build some AI into it so that:

    Speaking into black plastic mugs gives then same protection as 3Romeo if no-one can see you.

    Only half the blokes ever dig in at any one time.

    Two blokes don't make it back to the transport.

    What else would we need to include?
  11. But what about some G4?

    A 12 x 12 with some sweaty tattooed roll-up smoking olds 'n' bolds stirring something brown and swigging tennant's super? Sound effect - "f~ck it - they won't know what's in it"

    and to add doctrine:

    A recently promoted captain (Cap'n Keen, 2 years in and used to be a prefect) just back from having a look at the sniper course in Brecon, sound effects "drone drone, force multipliers blah blah", countered by sound effect "oh just won't you please just f~ck off!" from all and sundry.
  12. The fig 11 - sound effect a wooden splintery noise or a metal ping

    (Except when Musicians are firing when fig 11's become unkillable and everything else makes splintery noises or goes ping.)

    Infantryman - normal sound effect a steady Ticking. (It's when they stop ticking you have to watch out)

    Slop Jockey - sound effect "One egg Sonny"

    Tiffy - sound effect "You've feckin done WHAT?"
  13. And at the appropriate time of day there should be the 'dawn chorus' of f@rting and coughing as 'those who do' get their first fag of the day.
  14. I agree, they must be sending them to English schools instead of tutoring them in Russia.