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infantry in kent

hi guys im new so someone might already have asked this, but im looking to join the infantry and wanted to know of any regiments in the south east (kent ect)
PWRR recruit from that area, 1st class regiment, seen alot of action these past few years. Lots of blokes just like you I'm sure.

PWRR = Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. Have a look at them on the net, but I'm sure your local careers office will also guide you in that direction.

All the best !
andyboy443 said:
cool thanks the tigers sound like my kind of regiment ill definately look into it
I spent most of last year with them, so PM me if you want and un biased view or general info. All good lads and plenty of proper soldiering experience, then again who hasn't these days.

'give us roar, show us your paw’ grrrrrrrrrrrr :)
they're in Colchester and Cardiff(ish), its just that they recruit nationwide.

PWRR (Tigers) are the line regiment for the South East of England, but are based in Germany and Cyprus.

If its a regiment based in Kent your after then your'll struggle unless you have a familly history with them beause they won't actually be a 'Kentish' regiment. Not sure who's in Canterbury now could be a welsh unit ????

Mate, you really need to pop into your local army careers office, but make sure you mention the Parachute Regiment to him or he'll mostly talk to you about where he's from or wants you to go.
andyboy443 said:
hi guys im new so someone might already have asked this, but im looking to join the infantry and wanted to know of any regiments in the south east (kent ect)

It doen't matter which unit you join, if they are currently based in the South East (like 5 Scots), they may have moved, or be about to move in the near future, thus you wouldn't be serving in the South East.

I assume that you are from the South East and therefore you would be wise to listen to Atko and go for the Tigers. They are a first class Inf Regt and have had some top level recent operational experience. Also if you are from the South East you will be serving with guys from your home area and who probably live near you.

Good luck either way.

Depends what you want out of the Army. The Paras are obviously a bit more special (needs?) because of their selection procedures and Blue Badge of Courage which bonds them rather well. PWRR seem to be your local mob so if you want to serve with fellow southerners then go for them. They are a good regiment with a lot of recent notable service. One battalion is in Germany which can be a good life if you don't moan about wanting to spend your Saturday afternoons in Maidstone and just get on with it. The other battalion is in Northern Ireland seeing out the end of the troubles. They're not in Cyprus but, a mate of mine in there says they will be next year. Again, a good life if you embrace it and plenty of opportunity for operational tours.

Do what you have to do.

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