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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Leo741, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon

    Iam Army Cadet force as adult instuctor i am looking for help in getting as much information that the infantry use in the field on fieldcraft. the ACF manual only covers so much, but i want to expand the information and have the cadet understanding what they are doing more in depth

    is there any where or any one that can help me???

    SI L
  2. Why not contact your local Ta/regular Bn and ask them. The TA might allow you to join them for a few weekends or a camp. You learn more by seeing and doing than by manuals.
  3. your quite right there unfor my infantry battlion and ta are not that well contected to the Cadets that share there cap badge.

    i belive there is a PAM 2 out there but iam unable to gwt hold of one.

    teaching form maunal i hate but the information that we get as cadets is very limited they only give you the basics on field craft my aim is to make the cadets more soilder like and not feel like, cadet (if that makes sense lol)

    when i was cadet myself i was taught by many good adult that were ex regulars but unfor they have left the ACF now (so no one to ask lol)

    SI L
  4. I have cunningly decyphered your hidden message......
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  5. Have you tried your Cadet Training Team?

    And I'd check your fill too.
  6. Smudge I am truly, but truly, impressed by the depths of your depravity and twisted mind, you set standards.
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  7. check my fill?
  8. Gypsys are good at field craft they make pegs and stuff, eat hedgehogs all sorts.
  9. Check the crypto fill that you use for typing. Yours is obviously corrupted therefore all anyone can read is utter bollocks.
  10. what u mean check my fill? you have me
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  14. An ACF instructor in the infantry asking for help on Field Craft, nope, no problem here..carry on.
  15. iam not a regular soilder iam purley ACF instructor the only militray background i have is what i have done in my ACF life hence the help