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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by byrnesy8, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. thought i might as well post this in here as some people have been asking when the intakes are

    JOB DESCRIPTION----------------------VACANCIES NEXT PERIOD----------------------INTAKE DATE-----------------GTI

    AGC(SPS) - SE HR SPECIALIST----------------10--------------------------------------24/10/2011-------------------48
    COLDM GDS - SE GUARDSMAN-----------------11--------------------------------------02/10/2011-------------------26
    GREN GDS - SE GUARDSMAN-------------------14--------------------------------------02/10/2011-------------------26
    IRISH GDS - SE GUARDSMAN-------------------5---------------------------------------30/10/2011-------------------26
    LANCS - SE INFANTRYMAN---------------------36-------------------------------------04/09/2011-------------------26
    MERCIAN - SE INFANTRYMAN------------------58--------------------------------------18/09/2011-------------------26
    PARA - SE PARATROOPER----------------------90--------------------------------------10/07/2011-------------------26
    PWRR - SE INFANTRYMAN----------------------28--------------------------------------16/10/2011------------------26
    RA - SE GUNNER CREWMAN--------------------120-------------------------------------24/10/2011-------------------38
    R ANGLIAN - SE INFANTRYMAN-----------------46--------------------------------------16/10/2011-------------------26
    THE RIFLES - SE INFANTRYMAN----------------35--------------------------------------16/10/2011-------------------26
    R IRISH - SE INFANTRYMAN--------------------24--------------------------------------18/09/2011-------------------26
    RRF - SE INFANTRYMAN-----------------------36--------------------------------------16/10/2011-------------------26
    R WELSH SE - INFANTRY MAN------------------35--------------------------------------21/08/2011------------------26
    SCOTS - SE INFANTRYMAN--------------------131-------------------------------------21/08/2011-------------------26
    SCOTS GUARDS - SE GUARDSMAN--------------11--------------------------------------30/10/2011-------------------26
    WELSH GUARDS - SE GUARDSMAN--------------21--------------------------------------02/10/2011-------------------26
    YORKS REGT - SE INFANTRYMAN---------------7---------------------------------------30/10/2011-------------------26
  2. Do you have the vacancies for Junior Entry?
  3. All this information is not accurate and doesnt take into account those already on the awaiting allocations list and even though it shows vacancies on there more than likely already allocated. So not worth the paper its written on.....wait till you have passed ADSC and you will get a clearer picture off your Recruiter from where you stand on the awaiting allocations list and the RAP.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Those are interesting numbers...
  5. i passed selection yesterday but my recruiter is away at the moment will i be put on the waiting list automatically or will i have to wait for him to do it??
  6. You need to have an interview 4 by Recruiting staff at the AFCO then they click you over on the system. Just nip in the office or phone them for a chat, it doesn't need to be your own Recruiter who does it, they then can move you on the next stage and you will be then placed on the awaiting allocations list as per your IDST score at ADSC.
  7. ok thanks i phoned but the recruiter i spoke to said i really need to speak to my recruiter i got a high c and joined the mercians do u have any idea of when my date could be
  8. how do you know these numbers? and what does GTI mean?

  9. dont matter now got my date its only nine weeks away
  10. When you take your BARB test, you get a sheet with all the jobs you can go for, GTI is basically the BARB Score.
  11. It's General Trainability Index. The higher you get, the more skilled/specialised roles you can apply for.
  12. So BARB done (75) medical cleared, pre-selection 26th July ADSC 20/21st September.

    Wanted int @ disc chicksands as close to home and role really looked good. Barb opened up RMP as highest GTI job opportunity. Ideally wanted int but no gcse science. Need to re-think career path. I know GTI is not a means of deciding job...

    Been told you can transfer once you've served 2 years (ish before specialising) is this true? If so would it be worth going for an infantry role initially to gain real ground experience? Then progress to int or wherever I'd like to go then.
    Also could joining a lower GTI required role lessen my chances for progression?
    Should I **** off the int core all together for the short term as not @ required standard now and focus on a different career?

    Cheers, general advice, answers & replies appreciated.
  13. Hey. On the rifles intakes do u think they would have gone bysnow i got adsc thursday 28~7~11. I have ready done chosen man

    many thanxd
  14. When you sign up now you sign a job offer letter and that's the job you have to do unless the Army want you to transfer. I'm sure The_IRON will confirm this...

  15. do you know the intakes for RA uav??? many thanks