Infantry FRI Question...



I recieved my FRI earlier in the year. However I am now seriously considering transferring. I know that if i do put my transfer in I will have to pay back the 4.5k gross as i have failed to complete my RoS of 2 years.

My question is how would i have to pay it back, would be a lump sum payment, or would x amount be taken of my wages for however long?

I have asked my company clerk, but due to people going on adventure training i will not be able to get an answer for at least another week or two.

If anyone has this info to hand or could point me in the right direction on the web i would be most grateful.


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Unless they have different rules for different FRIs, it is the full amount which has to be paid back, which includes the tax you have already paid, and which you can only reclaim later. (If you only received your money in this tax year, then you will get your tax back next payday thanks to PAYE, if you got it before April, you will have to ask the taxman for it, and may have a wait of several months.)

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