Infantry, forward as one

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. Just heard the radio advert today (through fields, through pubs, through clubs) :)

    I like it. Thoughts?
  2. Seems to go down well in the Humberside area. However a lot of people who have mentioned it are getting the impression that the Infantry is the only bit of the army a) that's important and b) recruiting. I also believe it's Mobile Infantry Forward as One up here.
  3. i really like the TV ads but does create the impression they are desperate for Air Assaulters

  4. Good enough advert - playing on the sexy side of air assault. Slightly better than the current RAF advert which seems to show planes the RAF don't even fly. Could be wrong.. I was once.
  5. Ooh Mobile Infantry!

    Starship Troopers! Yaay! I bags to play Sgt Zin
  6. Hopefully they're not planning the carnage in the first part of the film.....
  7. No, I think it's "Join the Mobile Infantry and save the galaxy. Service guarantees citizenship! Would you like to learn more?"
  8. Is this part of those "soldier diaries" on talkSPORT?

    "You get free medical, free dental..."
  9. Forty Pounds a week for a lad like you !!! - now that was an advert
  10. I used to like the ad from the late 70,s. "My name's Bob - and I'm a born leader". I suspect he probably wasn't but I didn't like to say anything ...

    London buses are carrying the "Forward as One" advert. But I do wonder if listing "air mobile, light, armoured and mechanised" isn't a bit too much detail. Still, if it gets people through the doors that's good news.
  11. So which aircraft are these the RAF apparently doesn't fly?

    Personally I used to like the Army "Where's Frank?" adverts. They convinced me that the RGJ's was the place for me
  12. I think they're great. At last they've had the balls to say "We are the infantry, we drive around in big armoured things and destroy the enemy."

    At the bottom of the ad it says "Light Role/ Mechanized Role/ Armoured Infantry/ Air Assault."

    Excuse an ingnorant civvy, but does this translate into "WMIK/ Saxon/ Warrior/ 16 AAB?"
  13. From the " Young ones". Join the profesionals, it,s great ! You can have a gun if you want !

  14. They don't let the people up here near technology. They push buttons and things break.
  15. There's a brief analysis of the "Forward as One" campaign in Marketing magazine this's evaluated by two adguys who are also former occifers (one was Royal Anglian and I can't remember the other). I thought it was interesting that they actually found adguys who'd served.

    The concern is that isn't not going to effectively combat (rimshot!) the external issues around infantry recruiting right now...but really, what ad slogan could? The question is, will it say the right things to people who are ready to listen?

    If you are interested in such things, PM me and I'll give you a copy as soon as I get it in PDF.