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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adie1182, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aint this supposed to be an infantry forum. Who are all these twats with the stupid threads?
    I come on here quite regularly to see if anyones got any pearls of wisdom to share but its more bollocks than anything else.

    Heheh how quaint, my chosen word was changed to balls instead
  2. Couldn't agree more.
  3. Are you referring to the resurgence of Chimpy's latest nom de guerre or something else?
  4. Unfortunately the return of the Chimp is just one example. Shame folk cannot just trawl through these hallowed pages before starting yet another 'how do I join the PF?' / The SA80 is shit etc threads which reappear with monotonous regularity.

  5. you take it too seriously Rafterman, its just business
  6. yes where are the posts that say " how many people could i kill with 1 bullet whilst stoned and rogering a badger??" people these days
  7. It merely reflects the fact that the rest of the world are all secret Infantry Walts... They lurk here seeking a warm feeling of comradeship from the select, knowing that they don't deserve it and will never earn it...
  8. I made two extremely good posts for you guys. You threw that back in my face by sending them packing to the hole.

    If this carries on I may have to stop posting completely.

    Hahahhaha, only joking!
  9. Honest?

    B*llocks. That was a perfectly good bottle of champagne.

    By the way, I'd already reserved that key setting.
  10. Please simply save editing time by posting directly into the Hole.
  11. Trust me, I would. However, you can't even post in the Hole uless you are a MOD these days.

    That's a bit fuked up because all the people who wanted to muck about on joke threads could all go in there. But some Einstein decided to make it a read only forum for normal members, forcing idiot posts to reign in the normal forums.

    Can you use your authority to change this policy back to how it was please Dogmonkey? The Hole should be for everyone.
  12. can think of something better he could try an do, Ban you!
  13. Or dare i say it ya could instate chimpy as a MOD in the arrse hole and lock him there forever .... how about that ?
  14. I'm cool with that. But the whole forum would follow me in there.
  15. Is that because the drying room would be too small. Dont worry if were ll wearing respirators chimpy :twisted: