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As you all no doubt are aware, ARRSE has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the media , the Top Brass of the Army , MoD and other agencies and individuals

The Arrse board was created, so serving personnel had somewhere to banter ,voice concerns or ask questions and advice anonymously. Somewhere where ex-personnel could stay in touch with forces life, or where Military-centric civilians, could get a "flavour"

The aim of Arrse is for it to be both fun and informative, but of late it is degenerating into a slanging medium , general free-for-all and individual poster discipline is going to rag order.

For the avoidance of doubt, read the OPSEC thread, which also contains the standards I expect people to abide by. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in threads and/or posts being culled.

If this valuable asset degenerates into nothing but a forum for innuendo and abuse, then we will institute bans for abuse . Lack of consideration of others who want to have a proper discussion about issues, will drive contributors, with something valuable to say or who are in a position to make a difference , away.

Each of the mods administers their forums in their own time. We are busy enough without having to read bone posts and then edit and delete them.  

We at ARRSE HQ will not see this site lose its credibility. It is only because we know certain senior officers (And one or two VERY senior)at Land view it as valuable that we can keep it open without a witch-hunt into the identities of those of us who run it!

I , and other moderators do not wish to face an interview without coffee, biscuits and with my hat on because of the mindless actions of a few.

Please keep the standards of discussion outside the Naafi bar at a reasonable level of intelligence

Remember, this forum, is an advertisement to the world at large. Each and every one of you is an ambassador for British Armed Forces or the United Kingdom at large. Remember that.

As you are all no doubt aware, operations Kebabside, are attracting media attention and speculation. Please remember to take extra caution when posting on this forum .The moderator of this forum will immediately remove or edit posts deemed to contain, or hint at, information which is classified or is in any way sensitive to current operations. The decision of the modertor is final, and while the current operational circumstances remain at their current level, the moderator will be taking extra steps to ensure that operational security (OpSec) is not compromised.  

In either direction, it's purile, boring and has been done to death. If you don't want to have a sensible conversation about it, don't post. If you don't want to be sensible and still post. Expect posts to disappear.


And no 'hattism' either, it's pathetic and bone, and will be stamped on wherever discovered. Can you crew a Wr? You see, just a different skill-set.


I realise that this is the Infantry forum and not the Womens Institute, therefore I am happy for people to have a bit of banter, use harsh language and all the other good stuff that we gravel bellies are used to. However, THIS IS NOT THE NAAFI, and I expect everyone to use some common sense and not to crayon over "serious" posts.
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