Infantry Forum is becoming dull.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lairdx, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Am I the only one who's noticed? I think the Infanry forum seems to be suffering from writer's block.

    Methinks 'tis time we started revelling in our superiority a little more. Show the REMFs that we can be intellectual, witty, charming and hairier than them to boot.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Trouble is Lairdx most of our good posts seem to end up in the Naafi/Tall stories bit as in the incredible plan formulated whilst on the way back from drinking Munster dry!
  3. I take it all back. i've just had a looksee at the seniors board.
  4. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    It's dull for a good reason: Inf :D :D
  5. Inf don't go on tour often enough to have anything exciting to say.

    Now see if you were a CS or to be more precise a CSS contributor then you might have more anecdotes; however your not. Never mind you can always look with envy at the chestfull of medals on your attached personnel :twisted:
  6. A little too much shuffleboard action there?
  7. The style and flair is provided by people form other arms and aservices who come on and slag the Inf off for post things such as "What's in your webbing!"

    LWM is correct, you need to do more tours, then you'll have somenthing to say! :wink:
  8. Style and flair is overated if I'd have wanted to mince about in red trousers I'd have joined the fcucking cavalry. This is a forum for honest, brave Infantrymen - the other arms may think they'd have more style but they are sadly mistaken.

    As for the 'what's in your webbing?' thread It was one of the better one's recently.
  9. one tour on the sharp end or 5 sat in a cozy airconditioned tent

    I know which I have respect for
  10. May not be in the Infantry, but I have never been sat in an air conditioned tent, just purely at the sharp end. Check out some of the other threads for tailes of daring do.
  12. Belt fed wormarse. I have looked at your other posts for the tales you refer to and have concluded that you are a cnut.
  13. where the fcuck have you gone belt fed knacker?
  14. To do some work. I will beat you on a run/any form of physical activity as I am not a fat REMFY, mearly a fit CS bloke. I try not to swing the lantern as I can't be arrsed, but have to sometimes IOT get a point across. When I said check out the other threads, didn't mean mine, just other arms. My mistake for not explaining it fully.

    I am sure that we can be constructive and not confrontational. But maybe a little baiting. And I believe I am winning at the moment. :lol:
  15. No lad. I was not competing. I really do genuinely think you are a tit and was merely trying to make sure that you fully understood that.

    I never said you were a fat REMF. You didn't say and I did not assume. As for being confrontational - perhaps I am but I wouldn't exactly say you are very constructive.

    beat me in any kind of physical activity? A bold statement.