Infantry Financial Retention Incentive (FRI)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by theflyinghandbag, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. This was on ArmyNet today, it is para 1 from the Admin Instr. Also on ArmyNet is the ABN.
  2. Having read through all this, am I correct in thinking that this does not apply to officers?
  3. It does not apply to officers as officer recruiting and retention is adequate, reportedly.

  4. So is this for only for blokes at their 4 year point?

    Or can anyone sign for it on the aggrement that they serve another two years without signing off?

  5. Just read the Army Briefing Note on Army Net, the "window" is the 4 to 6 year point....

    Looks like me and Mrs Tiddle might be going for a holiday this year after all :)
  6. For those who cant access Army Net.....

    1. From 1 Apr 07 Infantry soldiers (less Special Forces (SF) personnel, Gurkhas and R IRISH Home Service (HS)) may elect to receive a £4.5K (taxable) FRI, once they have completed a minimum of 4 years’ reckonable service1, for a 2-year Return of Service (RoS). The Infantry FRI will run for 4 years until 31 Mar 11, or until Infantry manning reaches 98%, whichever is earliest.

    2. In order to be eligible for the Infantry FRI a soldier must have completed 4 years’ reckonable service in the Infantry; he will remain in the eligibility window for 2 years up until (and including) the date of completion of 6 years’ reckonable service. Separate rules apply for transferees and re-enlistments.

    3. Eligibility restrictions are imposed on those who have given Notice to Terminate (unless it is withdrawn), those who have applied to transfer out of the Infantry (unless the transfer is withdrawn), those who are in the process of being discharged from the Infantry, those who are subject to disciplinary action and those who are graded Unsatisfactory in their most recent annual report (eligibility is restored once a soldier is graded Satisfactory).

    4. First payments will be made into eligible soldiers’ accounts from Jun 07 onwards, once JPA programming work has been completed by AFPAA. *

    5. A soldier who has received the Infantry FRI will be required to repay it in full (gross) if he fails to complete the 2-year RoS. Specific rules may apply in exceptional circumstances

    * From the masses of clucking chicking and flaping noises I heard in BHQ today this timing may "slip" ;)
  7. The only incentive I ever needed was the calling that I had chosen, the "Queens'"shilling that seemed enough at the time. Bribery was reserved for those of another calling.Not that of the"Tom" or "Jack","Bootie"and"Erck"of my era. :yawnstretch: We just went because of that "Brown Envelope"falling through the door,Lucky Guys us? in some ways yes!! :numberone:

    Ninth magazine change barrels
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Clearly you haven't seen the TA Offr stats recently...

  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    But if someone had come to you with £4.5k in his hand for you.............

    The only incentive for me was those who signed for 9 years got more pay than those who signed for 6 years (no 3 year terms for non ruperts then)
  10. Auld Yin,Terms of engagement 22 with 6x6-9x3 termination if chosen.I went for the fancy uniform :thumright:
  11. Forgot there was 3year terms for enlisted men but before your time :numberone:
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As I joined as a Junior Leader in '66 my TOC were 9 with the Colours and 3 with the Reserve - not 22. Those wishing to do 22 could sign on for the remainder but not until close to their 6/9 year points.
  13. Enlistment for three year engagements were available to adult personnel only. This option was taken up by many national servicemen for the extra pay.Many went on to be career soldiers.
    Im sitting here looking at my attestation papers AF B.271a I quote, The 22 year engagement with the colours. On this engagement you have the RIGHT to be transferred to the army reserve at the end of six years,or at the end of nine years from the date of your attestation,or to terminate your service at the end of twelve years. Not less than 6 nor more than 12 month's notice MUST be given if you desire to exercise any of these rights.
    We are both singing from the same hymn sheet It's in interpretation of it that's paramount, withou the due notice being given you were in for the long haul, a wee bit like this tome. :yawnstretch:
  14. The Australian Army has just directed that we too will now get incentives to "Stay Army". If you are a CPL, SGT, MAJ you'll be elible for retention benefits so as to keep you in the Army. Up to $10 000 for an additional year of service and then up to $30 000 for those that complete an additional 3 years service. Not bad eh? Those posted to Instructor Postings will also benefit from up to $5 000 for each year completed in posting. Open Ended Engagement is how you sign up for the Oz army, which means do four years and after that if you've had a gutfull you give 6 months notice and you're out. Most people are a CPL within this time and these days have done a couple of Ops, have a wad of tax free dosh in the bank and are looking to get out. So it's good to see someone is thinking of a way to keep the experiance within the Army. Unfortunately it doesn't apply to my f***ing rank.