Infantry face Marine training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wg100, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Did I miss this one?!

    Stand By, Stand By!
  2. Not again, the blokes have only just got back from Trafalgar and the battle of Copenhagen.
  3. I was labouring under the assumption that the commando course was a voluntary gig.

    Imagine it "Tearsbeforebedtime get your life squared away you're off to Lympstone!"

    Gulp! 8O
  4. I think it must be some bean counter noteing that the rifles have green berets and the marines have green berets, so lets make the a rifles bn into marines!
  5. Well they could just do away with the RM and put the Green Jackets... sorry... forgot the time we live in these days, The Rifles as the new RM ... saying that sod it lets go the whole hog and get rid of the services and sub contract it all out may be to Halliburton? Oh well good job I am emigrating... may be the RM / Rifles can come and rescue me when the next destination goes tea kettle up etc
  6. Is that difficult? Surely just a case of always keeping your back to the wall and dropping your kegs at the first opportunity.
  7. Both units are also well known for their deviant sexual behaviour, so they're probably well matched!
  8. Sounds like a spam deal. If blokes wanted to be latrine's they'd have joined the Commodos. Certainly sounds like a cost cutting ex.
  9. Isn't there a a history of this though?

    I think the Oxf & Bucks (52nd) were 'converted' to the airlanding/airborne role in this manner.

    Anyone shed any light?
  10. My lads a bootneck as some of you know and he leaves the corps tomorrow after 4 years .. he tells me that they are leaving in droves now so I think this is the most likely reason for this move
  11. Not the first time the Infantry have served at sea. The 2nd, (the old Queens Regiment) 25th (Sussex) 29th (partof Worcesters) All served as marines at the naval battle of the Glorious First of June.
  12. Booties will get all the best jobs from the Brigade commander and Percy will be left to keep watch(stag on).
    The return of Army Commandos in the form of an infantry Battalion or two, is long overdue IMHO. As long its not just to stag on because Royal cannot be arrsed.
  13. Already based in The Royal Citadel in Plymouth, 29 Commando became a Commando Regt in the early 60s but I am unsure of the exact details on AACC pass rate etc.

    It has been done before!
  14. Fair comment but what about the fact that they pinning a whole Inf Regt to do this role. Will it be similar to the Inf Batt that served with 5AB? Some do the course, some don't??
  15. Maybe they should just advertise.

    "Volunteers required for new Commando unit."
    "All Ranks required."

    Have the new unit made up of strictly volunteers, from across the army, navy and (cough) RAF . Multi cap badgeed, multi talented, highly motivated. Maybe the training could be carried out in Scotland.

    Just a thought, sounds a bit familiar though.