infantry cpl looking to transfer

Discussion in 'RLC' started by goody12, May 28, 2012.

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  1. is there anywhere in the rlc that are taking transfers from infantry????????
  2. Could try Stacker...Cuts are on the horizon though, and for most trades. Ammo Tech is a safe bet, for now anyway
  3. I would second that. Stackers at my place seem to think that they are pretty much immune from redundancies as they are a protected trade. I stand to be corrected on that however!
  4. Driver Comms Spec might still be looking. Have you thought about REME TSS?
  5. reme tss ??? whats the tss stand for or am i just being a mong
  6. Ammo tech would be your bet bet. Unless you're looking to get away from dangerous situations and provided you're up to it.
  7. REME uses hundreds of tools and specialised pieces of equipment to keep the Army up and running. One of the roles of the Technical Support Specialist (TS Spec) is to look after this, and help the tradesmen and women get their job done right first time. You will also be responsible for delivering military training to your unit.

    Having passed courses in Weapons Handling, Range Work, CBRN and Dismounted and Mounted Close Combat skills, you will then have to help train the remainder of your colleagues in these skills, which could save their lives on operations. You will have the possibility to progress all the way to Regimental Sergeant Major of a REME Battalion and beyond.
  8. It's on the way...40% of CSS from REME, RLC & ARTY apparantly
  9. Just read goody's thread and im in the same situation, im infantry and looking to transfer to the RLC , i have 11 years to push and at present my rank is Lcpl. I do think my age will be against me being 42 , but the qualifications i have i belive the RLC would be interested, my qualifications are, Bvehicle maint and inspector, jackal 1 / 2 and coyote instructor, Mt junior accounts and managment, unit eviromental heath , DLAI, skid control car instructor and just recently sv calm instructor up to 15 tonne tes, would these be considerd as i would like to go to 7 reg RLC.I do belive my instructor quals are being wasted as im sat behind a desk as the green fleet manager.
  10. Funny, your describing half the inf soldiers that stay in the G4 element of Camp Bastion admittedly doing an important job but maybe slightly erring towards the heavy side. Compare that to the CLSR lads and my RLC Unit out here, i dont see too many fat *******!
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  11. Might I suggest you investigate the DIN that accompanies each redundancy tranche. This specifies (or references the document that does) pinch point trades. I think in the current climate your best chance of transfer is to one of these. Apolgies for no useful links, Im away from DII for a few months. DINs are available through DII - the Army library link if memory serves.
  12. You know every unit has a harry chubster, if you look around you and can't see one...
  13. Im afraid im definitely not in the chubster bracket. 41 and still not needing those extra minutes on PFA!
    But yes you are right there are lardies in every Unit and now and then i spot some supposed superfit non-RLC making out every ****** in the RLC is fat. Im usually tempted to reply with the above type of post but dont rise to the bait but this time i decided to rant!
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  14. I spent a couple of years with the RLC, the fitness standards of some were pretty dire, but they weren't fat. However in the Inf if someone is unfit they are generally members of the two belts stitched together club.