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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gdou9518, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. What sort of courses can u do at battalion can I do like English courses driving etc and does doing courses help with getting promotion
  2. Here is a list of jobs that may be available to you at some point in your career:
    Infantry Jobs - British Army Website

    You should have the chance to learn to drive and do various educational courses such as English and Maths. There will also be lots of other courses available at various points in your career.

    Courses do have a bearing on your promotion, you will have to have certain English and Maths qualifications for certain ranks. Also depending what job you end up doing such as anti-tanks, mortars, signals, recce, MT, Assault Pioneer or just a bod in a Rifle Coy there are certain courses and quailifcations you have to hold to be eligible for promotion.
  3. Thanks so when I join my battalion I'll just basically be a normal soldier then how long after could I get In to the mortar side of it does it depend on time and experience
  4. There is no such thing as a normal soldier.

    Zap it.
  5. Usually you're looking at 2-3 years in a rifle company before specialising.
  6. Word through the grapevine a few months back was that a good percent of lads going through ITC would need to be cat C qualified so they're able to drive Mastiff, Jackal, etc straight out of training.

    Any meat to this?
  7. Unless I stand corrected the "Training programme" within ITC will focus on Phase 2 Infantry skills foremost & driving qualifications will more down to your Unit level MT, the likes of RLC/REME & other similar attached arms will have the driving element involved within the training progamme as it's part of their 'core' job on release from the depot.
  8. My nephew , who passed out into to 2 Rifles on Nov 11 2011..hmm? Nice date.....did his driving course and test (In a civvy car) before he joined Bn, along with some of his intake.

    Basic idea was that they had a date to join Bn 4 weeks or so after pass out so rather than go straight on leave , he stayed behind to do the driving course. If you passed your test in the first week, you got more leave.

    Think that he joined Bn for a week then had xmas leave. Fecking easy life as rear party and PSNI/MPGS covered the guard duties.
  9. In my battlion mortars is the senior plt in the senior company. so a fair while before you are in that. ref driving: from experience, new blokes these days are getting driving courses left right and centre if not on PDT. as soon as youve done your cat C youl be on the FAM for TCVs and on the operators courses for mastiffs, jackals and the like. I think they still put you through cat B (car) in depot dont they? this was a recent thing but i think its still going. none of the new lads we had recently cant drive.
  10. under water knife fighting
  11. Depends on what rotation the unit there going to is on. I got 4 news lads with Cat C. Does save a lot of hassle and hard work.
  12. You name the course, you can do it. Underwater Knife Fighting is always over subscribed so get in there early. And the Toaster/Kettle Users Safety Briefing Course seems to have a lot of graduates. Although I never found the joining instructions.
  13. Do they run that carde in the same place as the underwater dog handlers carde?
  14. yeah is held in Tenerife it's 3 weeks long and you get a weeks r + r on the second week (because the diving and knife fighting can get you out of breath quite quickly )