Infantry courses for gunners

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by uavgunner, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody know of any infantry courses avalible to gunners/non infantry at gnr/pte level.

    I am aware of the infantry commanders course avalible for ncos but is there a similar course avalible for gunners and jncos

    many thanks uavgunner
  2. Try Close Combat Skills 2 weeks in Brecon go through MCM Div
  3. UAV Gunner - what kind of courses? Infantry skills course?

    For any particular reason?

    If it is for deployment then your OPTAG and Pre-deployment training should (should...) give you all the skills you need.

    The last one we did here that I was on and the one being conducted at the moment is very thorough.

    If it is for personal enjoyment/self improvement then good work fella - someone who can be used back in the unit to improve areas such as infantry skills that may become rusty in the Gunners.
  4. yes infantry skills is what im after but also fibua and things like that.

    just got back from herrick and optag for that was spot on for skills and drills.loads of live fire section and platoon attacks plus fibua and the usual debussing and counter ambush stuff.

    yes its all for personal enjoyment and self improvement.also joining the ops in a gun regt soon so brushing up on a few bits might help for when i start that.its just something i enjoy doing and would really like to do a course somewhere thats a few weeks long.i would love to be used back in the unit to help with skills and drills but since im not an nco probably not.

    so any details of courses would be mega cheers
  5. What exactly is this course? Could you expand a little? And do you know who can go? Is it open to all Corps?

    T C
  6. All Arms Commando Course
  7. does anybody also know of any jungle warfare courses for gunners?
  8. You are kidding right? 8O
  9. Go see your BTO, there is detail in the All Arms course list. However most of the courses like - All Arms Basic Dismounted Close Combat Skills Instructor are for Sgt and above. These are bidded via RAMCM.
  10. seconded

    (all the Brecon stuff is good, but this baby will give you career options too)

    *cough* 29 *cough* :D
  11. Fallshirm-whatsit - For the role that the Gunners will fill (either Gunners or Secondary infanteers), the Pre-deployment training that we conducted was excellent. The range package took everyone from brand new baby gunners to experienced blokes all the way from APWT to vehicle ambush drills, debussing, firing from vehicles etc. Maybe the courses depend on who runs it as to the detail put into it.

    OPTAG itself will only ever cover the basics, so you definitely luck out if you are an individual augmentee on the 4 day course...
  12. And you get to do your jungle warfare training.
  13. I was reffering to OPTAG more than anything TBH. It's dogshit and more then anything just an umbrella.
  14. *cough* 29 *cough* :D[/quote]

    And you get to do your jungle warfare training.[/quote]

    JWT is good - its nice and warm so no freezing to death at night :D