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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Whiskey_60, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Thought i'd ask on here before I get laughed out of my PSI's office.

    Is it possible, whilst being a trained Infantryman and capbadged Infantry to get on a CMT 3 cse? (Or the equivalent)

    We seem to advertise you can specialise as a medic in the Infantry, does this just mean RAMC capbadged supporting arms? I wouldn't mind getting on the course, I figure it'll be useful on tour atleast but also because we don't have any in my Coy. (We do have a few female CMTs capbadged RAMCs though...)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. don''t see why not. i'm no expert but we have afew CMTs in our unit wearing our capbadge and are not badged RAMC. hope u do get on it, its a good course i hear.

  3. ‘CMT 3’ is a RAMC Trade Qual. ‘RMA 3’ is the other Arms equivalent.*

    *Up until 1994 at least.
  4. You may find your unit uses that trade to enable females to join.

    If you ask you may get told yip no probs or that it is a role reserved for a female.
  5. I always thought RMA was open to anyone Infantry but that may be out of date
  6. Im not sure about the TA but the regular RMA 3 has become RCMT 3 which is run with a phase 2 course at keogh
  7. Thanks lads,

    I'll grab my PSI to see what the crack is with us then.

  8. Let us know the outcome would you? Cheers
  9. The CMT3 course i was on was about 50/50 in terms of Cap Badge. Im sure you can do it as Inf. There are a few lads in Battalion that are CMT3 some have done CMT2 as well. Always worth asking!
  10. i have been in the infantry and have done the cmt 3 course a few years back it is easy to get on the course and is open to all arms wishing to do it you only rebadge to RAMC after cmt1 the old RMA does not exist anymore as the cmt superseeds it
  11. Can they actually reserve this role for a female? Isn't that sorta discrimination? Albeit 'positive', doesn't sound like they would be able to voice that..

  12. Interesting point this, there are several females in my infantry regiment (V), some are cap badged to the various corps AGC/RAMC, etc however, there is one who has the infantry cap badge, but is a `scaley` by trade, she has to do all the grunt stuff, but quite how it would work on ops or the like, is anyone guess. I don`t get why she doesn`t just wear the RS badge?

    Also females can serve as troopers, in the Yeomanry, but aren`t allowed to be turret crew, again whats all that about?

    Can anyone shine any light on this?
  13. Yes you just do the CMT3 course with the rest of the pillowfluffers. 2 weeks at Keogh. RCMT3 seems to e the regular course equivalent to old RMA3 but Id never heard of it until I applied for post on FTRS.
  14. Big Hips :D