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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by soldiertobe, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. I've had a scout round for answers but can't seem to find a proper answer.

    Once training is over how does an infantrymans career pan out in terms of trade? For instance if you want to go as a recce soldier are you chosen on merit, availability or by your own application?
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It all hangs on the team they support.
    You'd best look for something else.
  3. At the risk of being shouted at;

    I've heard separate things, like you must spend at least two years in a rifle platoon before being given the option to branch out into other areas of the infantry.

    The only "trade" within the infantry I have researched is as a Sniper, and I think that the Parachute Regiment have their own Sniper Cadre which you must pass before being allowed to serve in a sniper unit/platoon. So then each "branch" of the infantry will have their own set training schemes and requirements.

    But like you say if the need for certain specialisations isn't there, you may be limited in choice. I suppose there are particular specialisations that are pretty competitive too.

    Again I am not there/in yet, so all this info is from Army/MOD website.
  4. all infantrty trade training is done to the same standards be it guards, line regiments or para. obvioulsy units may add there own type of beastings etc, but they are conducted to the same program as set out by the powers that be.
    with regards to branching out, its down to you really most old sweats will say you have to do x amount of years untill going to support coy, i personally did it after 6 months. its down to you to push what you want and take oppurtunitys that come to you but the best advice you can have is this
    get to your battalion, dont be a dick, keep you gob shut, listen to people and learn. try to be the best you can be and forget about going recce etc untill you learn your job as a soldier in a rifle platoon and are good at it and dont forget you may not want to leave a rifle coy once you get in there.
  5. In my unit you used to have to do x amount of years as a bod before going to one of the support platoons. Although these days we have such a high turnover of blokes that people are getting into support platoons very quickly (if they pass the cadre for the particular platoon).
  6. Some great advice thanks people!

    I wasn't getting ahead of myself in terms of going as a recce. I read somewhere it was 2 yrs as a rifleman before specialising in something else, but had also heard that with the high turnover of bods together with asserting yourself correctly it was possible to get there sooner!?

    Whatever will be will be. I guess it's best to take it as it comes!?

    Thanks again!