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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ultima, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Can't seem to pick a 3rd job choice.

    1st choice is - Weapons System Engineer REME
    2nd choice is - VM REME
    3rd choice is - ... Infantry?

    I do kind of want to put down infantry but at some point can you branch out to something else, a trade or something, after so many years?
  2. Cheers man, think if i got a taste of infantry and really enjoyed it, i'd love to try the commando role, btw is the army commando role basically the royal marine commando or is it something different? Is it still the whole Green Beret thing?
  3. bit late you could always join the marines and train as an armourer at a later date (you wouldnt have to re-badge as REME)
  4. How so ? the army infantry has a commando role, i think you can try for after being in infantry for so long.
  5. Most Corps have commando and parachute trained units, you could always look at some of them passing All Arms Commando Course or All Arms P Company won't make you a Infantry soldier but it could be an acceptable compromise where you would still learn a "proper" trade.
  6. I see.

    I guess i'm trying to think to far down the line, in the respect that if i ever left the army before full service what could i do on civvy street.
  7. do you mean 1RIFLES? i cant give you advice on that but i just mentioned the RM thing as my mate joined 45Cdo and served in a rifle coy for a few years before going on to specialise as an armourer (RM provide their own rather than attached REME)
  8. Not entirely sure what i mean.

    The orginal question i suppose is the important one, could i go into infantry and still learn a good a trade as well as being a soldier first and foremost?
  9. Why not pick something you'll enjoy doing in the army as opposed to worrying about what the army can provide you with for civvy street when you're not even in yet.

    Four years is a looooong time to spend in a rifle coy if you're at best lukewarm towards the idea of being infantry. Perhaps if you prioritised selecting something you think you'd enjoy you'd have a better chance of staying in longer than 4 years.
  10. Don't get me wrong, i'm not joining the army to have skills for civvy street. I intend to sign up for full service, i'm determined to be in the army, its something thats always been on my mind.

    It's just i don't know, suppose i'm trying to figure out all the angles and as you say, try not to think that far ahead. My first job choice is something i wanna do, everything i've seen so far about it seems interesting and fun but at the same time being in infantry aswell is starting to appeal more to me every time i scroll the army role finder.
  11. Sit down with your local career sgt. You'll get a better feel for available opportunities than whatever claptrap is on the internet.
  12. Ultima you have been here long enough to know not to post this kind of thread. There is plenty of info in the many forums or indeed if you speak with your AFCO.
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