Infantry bonus, why not everyone?


Firstly I appologise if i have put this in the wrong forum, I know how touchy some of you ae about this.
I was reading the Armynet website and came across this announcement:

"From 1 Apr 07 Infantry soldiers are eligible to receive a £4.5K (taxable) bonus, once they have completed a minimum of 4 years’ reckonable service, for a 2-year Return of Service (RoS)."

Obviously my question is why is this bonus only targeted at infantry? yes it is for retention but I believe there is a retention problem accross the army wide. Surely this is not fair.
Guarantee I get responses such as "Infantry are on the front line" but so are all the other arms in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Look forward to your comments lads and lasses


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Because the Inf are massively undermanned and the problem seems to be that more Inf soldiers leave at the 4 yr point than any other service.

The AFPRB gave figures of 22% of the inf serving beyond the 4 yr point against 32% of the army as a whole.

The fact is everyone deserved a bit more on the report but the finances will only stretch so far.
Lets face facts.

The Infantry are in dire straights. Retention amongst the junior ranks is almost impossible.
Also, thanks to the betrayal and total lack of spinal rigidity of Gen Sir MJ whilst in the position of CGS recruitment is failing due to disbandment of traditional regiments to meet FAS needs.

Something had to be done, and this may help a little. Although, if i were honest with you i would say probably not.


Tartan_Ninja said:
I think they should get it.
Its the most thankless job in the planet.....

well done Guys.

I totally agree with you all but perhaps this bonus should be targeted at everyone, like i said there is a retention problem with every cap badge
Although its going to upset some, mostly through envy, something must be done to help fill the gaps.
Totally understand how dire it is within Inf Bn's and how well you cope with the struggle in the present climate. I agree, you deserve an incentive in a pathetic attempt to retain troops. We have been there and are about to slide again. Hope that fills you with confidence for a year or two!!!!
However, CGS's team need to take their proverbial heads from the obvious!!! This is happening pretty much across the board, no Unit is safe!!!!!
Strike a light, they expect us to return to the UK as an Armoured Unit with 4 (Heavy) Sub Units deployed from Herrick - Telic. Our Rear party of some 70 odd has been pinged for RSOI (30) and they are still expected to Deploy prior to the last 2 Sub Unit deploying. Move back to the UK???????????? Dont make me laugh!!

Needs Must..

My utmost Dying Respect

No............. !!!!!!!

Slipping the Unit move would be a Godsend hough


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Makes a change, in 1993 they were paying blokes 20 or 30 grand to get out the army, with the options for change.

Think it will happen again within 10 years?
armies said:
Makes a change, in 1993 they were paying blokes 20 or 30 grand to get out the army, with the options for change.

Think it will happen again within 10 years?

Bit different that, lot of slack in areas that were ineffectual. Some people were getting paid alot of money for contibuting feck all. OFC was definitely a good thing.

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