Infantry Bergen


If you're under 6' 1" the long back is likely to be too long to wear with webbing.
The short back is shorter but a tab wider to give the same capacity as the long back.
At 5' 8'' i use a short back and it sits nicely on my webbing instead of over it.

I'm 5' 8" and have one of both, long story involving a CQMS who was p1ssed when i booked out....

The short back is way better on scheme/Ops but I can definately get more into the long back, its just not comfy on, so I use it for AT when I need all those civvies......

Stick with the short back for every day use though..........
wer exactly u gettin this cheap bergen from? a shop or a mate? cz im after one- do they come with side pockets?

Mr Happy

yup me too, actually would prefer civvie patten but I've not seen a civvie bergen that measures up to my old issue one... If fact I may start a thread on that here in a mo. But the answer to the question is still wanted - where are you sourcing???

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